Post-Doc Position – Transcriptional Control of HIV Latency

    In Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-infected individuals on antiretroviral therapy, the persistence of the virus in latently infected cells is thought to be the barrier for cure of infection. The main latent reservoir is constituted of resting memory CD4+ T lymphocytes containing integrated proviruses that are transcriptionally silent. The project is based on our recent progress on the role of a novel complex containing LEDGF/p75, Iws1 and Spt6 that participates to post-integration silencing of HIV-1. 

    This project will study the molecular mechanisms involved in the transcriptional control of HIV latency. 

    Applicants for this position should have strong knowledge and expertise in protein biochemistry, molecular biology and in the field of transcription. Main activities: recombinant protein purification, protein complex charaterization, transcription assays, ChIP assays.