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About Us

Who We Are?

KARPIRA International Recruitment Agency

KARPIRA: Knowledgeable Assuring Recruitment Process for International Recruitment Applicants

KARPIRA International Recruitment Agency is a leading Recruiting/Staffing and HR Solutions Service Provider with a network of branches, partners, on-site locations and specialist divisions throughout the Middle East, Asia and Europe, especially Iran. Backed by its successful parent holding- H. A. NOVIN PARSIAN (NOOOA Holding), KARPIRA has steadily developed strong brand recognition within the marketplace as the “Recruiter of Choice” for many leading companies and organizations across the world with tailored recruiting and HR Management services delivering results through focusing on individual business needs.

‘KARPIRA has maintained a leadership position through
the years based on a valuable premise: we invest in people.’

KARPIRA International Recruitment Agency provides flexible solutions to meet the needs of clients. Whether your company requires a managed staffing program, staff for a special project or a skilled professional to fill a long-term position, KARPIRA has the solution. At KARPIRA, we constantly strive for achieving excellent results by combining our regional knowledge and potentials with utilizing international standards and trends and creating network of trusted partners across the world.

 ‘We believe in relationships, not transactions.’

about us

Job seekers count on us to connect them to a company that will provide opportunity for advancement, professional development and challenge. Employers count on us to put winning teams together to drive results. Our clients want a partner whom they can collaborate with to attract and retain the best candidates.

‘Whether you’re an employer or a job seeker, KARPIRA Team will
get to know you and understand exactly what you need to be successful.’

Our recruitment agency creates a placement profile for every job offer, compares this with our data on existing candidates and carries out a profiling procedure to determine the right candidate for you. As recruitment consultants, our objective is to initiate a contractual agreement between the employer and the candidate regarding an employment relationship, which is beneficial to both parties.

‘Our task as an international recruitment agency focuses on two areas: We acquire vacant
positions provided by employers and are also expanding our database of potential candidates constantly.’



  • The Exclusive Representative of EU Blue Card Network (EUBCN) in Iran
  • Selected Recruitment Agency by Ministry of Cooperative, Labor & Social Welfare of Iran
  • Compliant with international anti-corruption compliance standards