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Our Values

KARPIRA has core values of integrity, passion, empowerment, respectfulness, compassion, gratitude, teamwork, constant and never ending improvement and maintaining a team-focused environment. Our approach allows for continued growth and expansion within employment industry. We value teamwork, realizing that we are stronger together than as individuals. We take seriously the promises we make. We are passionate, dedicated and driven to excel. With us it has never been about being the biggest. It has always been about being the best and doing the right thing.

  • We are fair, open, flexible, professional and honest in all our dealings
  • We treat all people with respectValues
  • We work collaboratively
  • We stand for excellence in delivery and value
  • We work to benefit countries
  • We are personally responsible for our actions, outcomes and reputation.
  • We build strong relationships with client and job seekers.
  • We own and resolve customer and candidate issues with urgency.
  • We treat every customer, employee and supplier with respect and integrity.
  • We are updated with the most suitable opportunities throughout the world
  • We are always optimistic

Our Approach

We deliver a quality driven service

We are constantly striving to improve and develop our range of services in order to provide our clients with the best HR solutions.

We value our candidates’ expectations:

We take into consideration each candidate’s expectations and career path. We try to find employment opportunities that correspond to a candidate’s profile and to provide them with interesting career opportunities, both in terms of the position and progression potential.

We promote an international mobility

Our consultants have access to a database of multilingual candidates which is shared across all of the European countries in which we operate. We believe that international mobility can offer great career opportunities.