The choice is yours; KARPIRA can provide staff to suit your requirements short and long-term. Temporary staff can easily be converted to Contract or Permanent staff as you require giving you the flexibility to grow your business and retain the best skilled workers on a more permanent basis

If you have a business cycle which creates peaks and troughs for seasonal work or busy production periods where supply and demand dictate the need for extra staff or more flexible workers ,KARPIRA understand and can help your company achieve its potential by providing staff when you need them most on a temporary basis. Your workforce can grow on a daily basis in line with your output requirements keeping overheads to an optimal rate whilst enabling your business to grow and meet the demands of your consumers.

For large flexible workforce supply KARPIRA can offer On-Site Recruitment Services and management your agency staff, we work closely, integrate and coordinate with your internal management/production teams to ensure you that the required resources are available at all times.

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کانال تلگرام
جهت اطلاع از آخرین فرصت ها، رویدادها، قوانین، اخبار شغلی و مهاجرتی در سطح بین المللی به کانال رسمی کاریابی بین المللی کارپیرا مراجعه نماید