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Staffing Services
Executive Search/Headhunting
HR Management & Consulting (HRMC)
Training & Coaching
Payroll Services
Workforce Consulting
Talent Mapping
Campaign Management
Managed Services

KARPIRA Services

We pride ourselves on our support model of credentialed professionals with experience in real business operations and a history of tangible business results. As a long-established and reputable agency, KARPIRA has the experience and expertise to source candidates for permanent, contract and temporary positions, across a range of specialist areas. Our experienced team of Recruitment and HR Consultants will fully explore clients` needs in an appropriate manner, providing tailor-made bespoke solutions.

Our services can save businesses considerable time and money and ensure that job hunters find the right position as quickly as possible. However, recruitment agencies do much more than simply match candidates to vacancies. Most agencies focus their efforts on a small number of industries and sectors or specific geographic areas to develop genuine expertise in their market. Both employers and people looking for new jobs can expect the consultant they deal with to offer accurate salary advice and have the right contacts in the sector.

There are many benefits to candidates who use recruitment agencies; they can save time and provide consultants to negotiate their salary package. Recruitment agencies usually have a selection of unadvertised vacancies that job hunters can gain access to when they register, providing additional benefits. We pride ourselves on our support model of credentialed professionals with experience in real business operations and a history of tangible business results. As a long-established and reputable agency, KARPIRA has the experience and expertise to source candidates for permanent, contract and temporary positions, across a range of specialist areas.

Our experienced team of Recruitment and HR Consultants will fully explore clients` needs in an appropriate manner, providing tailor-made bespoke solutions. Our fees are one of the most competitive in the industry and we are confident we will not be beaten on price. Additionally, your company will be able to benefit from access to our portfolio of other services (such as Legal Support, Business Consulting and more) relying on our vast network of partners and affiliate companies under NOOOA Holding at a discounted or even free of charge cost. (For more information, see Our Affiliate Companies)


“We believe: recruiting is an activity – not a response.”

KARPIRA Services for Employers

For our clients, a premium professional personal search service is designed to secure the most capable talent for your team. Our objective is to become your long term trusted HR advisor. We have earned a reputation for delivering innovative staffing and HR solutions, and our Search & Selection team has placed people in full-time, permanent positions across the globe.

Our database of pre-screened and interviewed candidates and our national office network enables us to quickly find active and passive job seekers with the skills you need. Our consultants understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to finding, testing, and placing talent.


“Your company can only become great by recruitnig great people.”

1.Staffing Services:

Talent is your primary asset, and navigating the human capital arena has never been more complex.

You need a strategic partner with the expertise to transform challenges into opportunities. An ally that delivers proven solutions for your workforce management needs – no matter how large or small – in any geographic location. We are a partner that will understand your business objectives and align talent accordingly.

Permanent Staff Placements (Full or Part-time)

Choosing the right permanent employees to meet the objectives and culture of your business can be a challenging and risky process. KARPIRA’s permanent recruitment services cover the full range of support such as head-hunting, search & selection, salary review, advertising, response handling, first-phase selection and pre-assessment, bespoke skills-testing, profile review, psychometrics, interview support, appointment and notice management.

Through our permanent staffing divisions, we are able to focus on the recruitment of talents for any industry and field of work. Personnels we target range from entry to mid-management level.

All of our services receive the backing of our in-house support teams – marketing, research & communications, quality management, accounts & payroll, HR & compliance – thereby ensuring we retain complete control of all activity and can respond flexibly and positively to any changing demands.

Every organization knows that having the right personnel is the secret of having a successful business .KARPIRA can help you determine, attract and recruit the necessary permanent core talent you need to grow and maintain the long term sustainable success of your organization. Our dedicated account team provides you with a single point of contact, helps you to develop a loyal and successful business partnership.

As part of our permanent recruitment service we provide the following services:

  • Annual Salary Reviews
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Campaign Management
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Assessment Centers
  • Candidate Mapping

We also provide an after placement service with regular follow-ups and feedback sessions. This service benefits both client and candidate and helps us to ensure we make the right decisions for your business. For each of our clients we create a bespoke recruiting program, as no one business is the same.

(For further information, Contact us)

Temporary Staffing

Our temporary staffing solution is designed to support your recruitment process and offer a flexible alternative to permanent recruitment, enabling you to match staffing levels to business demands.

We work with a number of highly skilled professionals looking for temporary and contract roles across a range of industries, offering your business the ideal solution in today’s economy.

KARPIRA offers different approaches to temporary staffing support including a fully-contracted managed service package; typically with an on-site management team that takes care of induction, training, HR, workers’ rotas, and so on. We also have a number of clients for which we operate as a master vendor, taking charge of different tiers of agencies if / as required to support the overall contract.

We take the time to understand the position, the culture and values of each customer’s organization, which means that the candidates we propose are the most suitable for the role. Our staff spend a considerable period of time vetting candidates. Some of our additional tools for fulfilling any and each staffing assignments are:

  • Personal screening interview with candidates
  • Qualification Checks
  • Credit and Criminal Record Checks
  • Skills Testing
  • Reference Checking
  • Human Factors Training
  • Tailor-made Skills Testing Packages
  • Bespoke Psychometric Questionnaires
  • Align Candidates with Vacancy
  • Account Management
  • Outsourced Assessment Centers
  • On-site Interview Training & Support

Contract Staffing

We can provide contract staff to meet your short-term requirements. When you use a contractor, we will invoice you an agreed hourly rate. We will be responsible for paying the contractor. The number of hours you require and the length of the contract will be agreed at the outset, along with any other terms such as travel and accommodation provided.

For assignments or project works that require a specific period of commitment or when headcounts are of a business concern, we can provide monthly-rated personnel on a contract basis. For contract staffing, we will oversee the recruitment, administrative and logistic requirements for the duration of the contract terms.

KARPIRA is able to recruit and supply project based personnel on a contract basis. This is ideally suited to short, medium and long term projects where you do not wish to hire the candidate on a permanent basis. Some of our services in Contract Staffing field are:

  • Candidate attraction
  • Contract management
  • Mobilization and travel
  • Payroll services

At KARPIRA, we can determine and execute an optimum strategy for your recruitment with a flexible productive workforce which fits your cost expectations. Our contractor placement service allows your company to maintain workforce levels and retain available talent while reducing sourcing related costs. As a leading recruitment organization for staff, KARPIRA will provide you with the highest quality staffing solutions for your business requirements. Our recruitment professionals across the globe have the experience and knowledge to understand your engineering requirements, making sure we find a suitable match to your needs.

What will your organization gain from our Contract Placement service?

  • Added value – It is our belief that once the contractor is placed in a role they should not be forgotten. We hold regular follow-up sessions with contractors and have personal contact to ensure they are satisfied within their role. We also feedback to you, the client. By maintaining and building these relationships we create additional value to our customers.
  • Increased staffing standards – Because we know the industry, speak the same language and understand your pain points, we will help you find the right contract placement for your projects.

For further information, CONTACT US

Flexible Staffing Services

KARPIRA’s flexible staffing services are designed to fit your business needs. Should your company experience the cyclical ups and downs of your business, KARPIRA can help you effectively manage your contract employees by quickly increasing or downsizing your workforce. We provide support to fulfill your long term business goals or supplement your hiring for project-based or temporary staffing needs. For
further information, Contact us.

“KARPIRA ensures your company receives the highest quality staffing services.”

2. Executive Search/Headhunting

Leadership requirements continue to evolve, but the need for high-performing executives remains constant. Identifying and attracting this talent requires a rigorous approach, a thorough understanding of different industries and functional roles, unrivaled access to senior executives and impeccable judgment

KARPIRA`s team of search consultants can help clients identify, assess and shortlist the world’s most talented leaders to join their organization. Our rigorous search and selection process will help separate the wheat from the chaff, enabling us to deliver world-class and long-term leadership solutions for your company.

‘‘At KARPIRA, we go beyond the initial steps of recruiting and staffing
to prepare contract employees for success.”

Facing unrelenting competitive pressures, shifting market conditions and ever-increasing customer expectations, organizations today can ill-afford to be complacent about leadership decisions. Drawing on deep insight into today’s business challenges and the qualities that define the most effective leaders, our consultants apply a disciplined approach and sound judgment to every search. We offer services in human resources field, starting with recruitment of a single position up to the whole team of specialists to meet all staffing needs of a project.

We pride ourselves in sourcing for experienced and capable professionals and personnel in the line of Engineering, Information Technology, Medical, Hospitality, Sales, Marketing, Teaching and Workers staff from a huge database of experts gained from our fully-Integrated Recruitment Campaigns, Head-Hunting/Executive Search, Response Management and more.

3. HR Consulting

All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services offer a number of services to support your internal HR staff. Our experience in Recruitment, Industrial and Employee Relations means that we can offer assistance to your company in times of unplanned emergencies.

Some organizations require extra HR support, whether they have their own HR department or not. A managed HR service provides companies with access to the highest levels of HR expertise on-demand, and without the expense of hiring dedicated staff. All Aspects Recruitment & HR services offer a managed HR service that works in partnership with you to supply cost-effective solutions to all of your HR needs.

With a broad range of services, KARPIRA’s Human Resources Consulting department delivers short and long-term HR management support to both site and head office locations within the international resources sector. The vast majority of KARPIRA`s work involves supporting organizations and individuals through change. Whether in understanding what needs to change and how, or changing culture, strategy, execution models, leadership approach, professional development or systems, KARPIRA has experience, tools and methodologies to assist.

Why use our HRMC services?

  • Reduce costs: We can provide you with the templates, guides and HR advice including performing inductions for you new employees, without you having to employ additional internal HR resources.
  • Increase efficiency: We supply an efficient, effective and productive HR function, tailored to your requirements, and supporting your business goals.
  • Increase Flexibility: By using our services, you will have the HR support you need, when you need it.

What is included?

We help companies design and execute Human Resource solutions including:

  • Internal Recruitment and induction procedures and processes
  • Development of Templates for various processes
  • Development of policies and procedures
  • Development of Performance and talent management plans
  • Development of Job Description outlines
  • Development of Interview Guides
  • Recruitment and induction
  • HR Policies and Procedures
  • Salary survey and benchmark
  • Remuneration and Benefits Programs
  • HR Audits and Reviews
  • Expatriate Management (Rosters, Employment Contracts, Remuneration, Job Descriptions)
  • Site and Corporate Generalist
  • HR Support
  • Restructuring and job design
  • Organizing work processes and work structures
  • Defining roles needed to achieve business objectives – responsibilities and accountability
  • Interim HR Management: Providing short or long-term HR specialist support
  • Mentoring and Coaching Programs: Program advice, design and implementation
  • Strategic HRM:
  • Identification of key HR issues and challenges – HR audit
  • Strategic Talent Performance
  • Assistance with determining HR strategies
  • Review of HR policies and procedures
  • Talent retention strategies
  • Succession planning
  • Performance management based on your talent strategy
  • Multi-Generational and Diversity Programs:
  • Program advice, design and implementation
  • Cross-cultural competencies
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Outplacement and Career Management

‘At KARPIRA, our passion is to help our clients grow their businesses by ensuring that
we can add value to their total HR strategy with our extensive and strategic
insights and solutions that can be customized based on organizational needs.’

4. Outsourcing

As an HR or Procurement leader within your business, you may be asked to produce ideas based on how to strategically manage staff within your business.There may also be pressure to optimize your talent supply chain due to high, fixed rate recruitment costs. Outsourcing your recruitment process is a cost saving solution adopted by many organizations of many sizes, not just global conglomerates with extensive budgets.

To better understand Recruitment Process Outsourcing it is defined as the following:

An employer will transfer all or part of the recruitment process to an external service provider. A recruitment process outsourcing provider can utilize its own, or may assume the companies staff, technology, methodologies and reporting.

KARPIRA offers a potential competitive advantage in the marketplace as it provides organizations with the ability to rapidly acquire the best people, reduce operational costs and risks, and gain access to consultancy expertise to develop their HR strategies.

KARPIRA combines a comprehensive transformation of the recruitment function of an organization with a collaborative approach to delivering the service so you don’t lose control. We evaluate and modify the recruitment process to deliver a higher quality outcome. We offer diversified and at the same time inclusive services including Change Management, Process Improvement, Workforce Planning, Payroll and proven methods in our Outsourcing efforts.

“At KARPIRA we help our customers to maximize return and
productivity through outsourcing their non-core functions.”

What is included?

Our Outsourcing services provides our clients with the power to rapidly acquire high performing staff, optimize their workforce, and reduce operational costs and risks, whilst accessing excellent technology and recruitment expertise. Some of our services are as following:

Advice on advertising options and sourcing of advertising information

Use of KARPIRA Resourcing and industry recruitment websites to advertise company vacancies along with utilizing our social media presence

Management of candidate applications ensuring a positive impression of the company at all times

Agency management – all candidates, regardless of the original source of their application, are put through a standard process

First stage candidate screening against the role criteria and competencies

First stage interviewing

Hiring manager interview support

Advice on the use of psychometric assessments and administration of testing

Complete assessment center package including design of exercises and facilitation of the event along with all necessary administration

Support with the offer process, reference checking .

One point of contact for all resourcing needs leading to a streamlined, professional and smooth service offering great results and value for money.


  • The recruitment process will be streamlined

Often in businesses there is an overlap across the company’s functions, departments, divisions and regions, meaning that there is wasted budget on advertising, on-boarding and training. Sometimes rushed hiring decisions have to be made due to time demands which can result in the hiring of staff that aren’t necessarily fit for the role. Working as your recruitment process outsourcing partner we can analyze business requirements and streamline your recruitment process.

  • Recruitment costs will be reduced by shared risk

Recruitment is affected by two main business changes, growth and decline. The risk is shared by both parties when using our service, as we take responsibility for efficiently responding to recruitment demands when hiring spikes happen within your organization (nationally or globally) and we protect the business from carrying any unnecessary staff which may be costing the business money.

  • Hiring time will be improved

Hiring costs money and while a role is vacant the business is affected as it does not have the contribution of that team member to help deliver towards the set objectives. KARPIRA will take on the hiring process for you, meaning no time or effort is required from within the business.

  • Higher number of quality candidates identified quicker
  • Reduced time to recruit staff
  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Removal of the administrative burdens of recruitment
  • Improved retention of staff
  • Mitigation of operational risks
  • Accessing the best available technology
  • Greater management buy-in to the recruitment process
  • Expanding through growth

Full Scale Outsourcing

KARPIRA specializes in the process of full scaled outsourced projects. We help our customers to maximize return and productivity through outsourcing their non-core functions. Our outsourced programs are heavily focused on deliverables and timelines to manage our customers’ expectations. Our customers’ return is guaranteed as we tie our expectations to monetary incentives and penalties.

KARPIRA offers customizable outsourcing and consulting services to address your every HR need. KARPIRA is a global leader for innovative talent management solutions in the areas of:

  •  Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  •  Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  •  Contingent Workforce Outsourcing (CWO)
  •  Career Transition & Executive Coaching
  •  Executive Search
  •  Consulting

We can deliver consulting services for strategic workforce planning and
labor market analysis that enable data-driven talent management. We can partner with your HR department to develop recruiting programs, staffing models and training programs. We can manage your contingent workforce in a vendor neutral environment, as well as provide operational management of entire departments while you focus on what matters most – your core business. For further information, CONTACT US.

5. Training & Coaching

KARPIRA is an affiliate of premiere Holding –H.A. NOVIN PARSIAN International Group (NOOOA Holding)- which has long-time expertise in different sectors especially Education and Training. NOOOA is an award-winning provider of training, learning and development solutions with 1000+ individuals receiving training from us every month. This unique aspect enables us to feel independent about training needs, and we even offer this services to our candidates and trusted partners.

“Our coaches are trained in applying well practiced Psychological techniques to support and help people master their fears and inhibitors to change and embed their new skills.”

We design, deliver and evaluate a comprehensive range of training and development solutions to service both employers’ and employees’ individual needs. Our assessors all have occupational backgrounds in the areas they now provide training for; courses are developed at different levels, tailored specifically to address the existing and on-going business performance expectations of the company, and the needs of their staff in different fields such Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Energy, Gas & Oil, etc.

We are always ready and welcome organizing and managing training and educational events for our clients in different outlets such as workshops, seminars, private classes, group classes, conferences, etc. based on specific client’s and their staff needs.

KARPIRA offers training for a wide variety of jobs.  Employees are able to get the training they need to apply for jobs with confidence.  The additional training will allow them to be a step ahead of the competition.

KARPIRA accompanies industries in developing and maintaining the professional skills of their personnel to the highest industry standard. We are providing high-quality training solutions that is customized to suit your needs. We are committed to do everything possible to meet your expectations.

“No matter whether your business is large or small, we can develop
training courses in addition to training your workforce.”

We’re sure that you’ll be happy working with us. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

6. Outplacement

KARPIRA`s Outplacement services can range from employee counselling and career guidance to resume writing, job placement help, job fair events and more. This is a practical support program to help employees who have to leave an organization, through redundancy, severance or significant corporate change, move to the next stage in their careers. Our Outplacement Solutions provide companies with an avenue by which excess staff may be let off in the most compassionate of ways.

Our Outplacement Services ensure employees experience a smooth transition from your organization, while allowing you to feel confident that you are communicating a strong message about treating employees with dignity and respect even at the most difficult of times.

Our Outplacement are designed to help make the career transition easier for laid off employees and they help you as an employer to do the right thing for displaced employees. We offer outplacement services for individual candidates at all levels and backgrounds—from executives through front-line staff. Some of these kind of services are as following:

  • Skill Training & Assistance
  • Proactive Career Development Solutions
  • Resume Writing
  • Individual Career Decisions
  • Resume Distribution
  • Outplacement Training & Notification Support
  • Outplacing Career Liaison Service
  • Online Personal Branding

“With KARPIRA`s outplacement services offered, your employees
can make the career transition much more smoothly.”

KARPIRA Outplacement services offer a great deal of services for the employer and employee.  They help people find jobs, and thus cut unemployment costs and increase employee satisfaction.  They are a viable option for those companies that want to take care of their employees, even during layoffs.

For more information, CONTACT US.

7. Payroll Services

Our experience in contract and temporary engineering recruitment means we have expert knowledge when it comes to our payroll services and understand how important this service is to our customers.  KARPIRA payroll service is designed to use our international knowledge to deliver effective payroll and billing services for you.

KARPIRA Solutions manages a thorough burden control practise which allows us to extend advanced savings to our clients for their engineering workforce. Our unique partnership philosophy encourages our management team to identify and leverage savings opportunities.

Our open book system ensures transparency and accountability in passing these savings on to our clients. We are experts in identifying savings opportunities through centralized payrolls, maximum tax thresholds, pre-identified assets and other depreciable arenas.

We process payments for every engineering contractor and temporary member of staff we have on site with you. The service we provide reduces your overall labor costs, removes administration and guarantees legal and tax compliance. It also gives you peace of mind to realize that we know who is on location, how long for and if they have previously worked for your business. We will act as your payroll department to fit your business needs.

What will your organization gain from working under our outsourced payroll service?

  •  Efficiency and compliancy  – We do all the hard work for you
    •    Change management – Creating and implementing a payroll service can be a headache but we can manage all of this for you
    •    Complete visibility of budgets and spend
    •    Pay-rate benchmarking
    •    Online timesheet creation, completion and approval process, verified by the line managers
    •    Enhanced benefits for payroll workers such as first-time contractor and Limited Company advice, on-boarding, on-going professional development, and career support
    •    A centralized payroll team with a designated Service Consultant who will manage all payroll related queries
    •    Consistency of engagement conditions and payroll charges

For more information, CONTACT US.

Personality, Career & Ability Psychometric Tests

Measuring attributes like height, weight, and strength is reasonably simple. These are all physical and observable traits that you can assess objectively. But what about factors that aren’t so easy to measure? Traits such as personality, intelligence, attitude, and beliefs are important characteristics to measure and assess. Whether you’re hiring people, helping team members understand themselves and their relationships with others, or trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, it’s useful to assess these types of “hidden,” less obvious attributes.

One way to gather this information is through psychometric tests. Psychometric tests are now a common part of the assessment of job applicants. This covers both ability or aptitude tests and personality questionnaires. Our Psychometric tests are designed to assess job seekers` reasoning abilities or how they respond to different situations.

We do our best to provide employers with tests carefully researched and trialed, to ensure that they provide valid assessments of the people who are likely to take them. Employers should use a variety of methods to select the right people. The greater the variety of situations in which a selector can see job seeker performance, and the greater the number of skills that are being tested, the more accurate and objective the assessment should be. Our Tests are simply one way of assessing the competencies relevant to a specific job, and are ideally designed with that type of work in mind.

All selection methods are seeking to gather evidence that a candidate has the abilities and is qualified to be successful in the job. An application form gathers information on qualifications and work experience, an interview allows the employer to assess abilities, to discuss with applicants their training and experience, and psychometric tests measure whether a candidate has specific abilities or appropriate personal qualities in relation to the job specification.

Whether you have requirements in the human resources, career development, or coaching fields, you can count on our services and support to help you achieve your goals.

  • Advantages:
  • Easy to administer
  • Objective.
  • Another useful tool in the selection exercise
  • On occasion, a reliable indication of a person’s ability to fulfil a specific job function, for example computer programming.

Utilizing the premiere researchers and scholars in Psychological sciences in our team, we are proud to offer the highest quality assessments in the industry, which benefit from extensive rreliability and validity for employment purposes. These assessments are available in several languages. Some examples of our used tests include-but limits to:

We know how important it is to find candidates who are not only qualified and knowledgeable, but also in tune with the organization’s values, ethics and culture.”

For further information, CONTACT US.

    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
    • Work Personality Index
    • Learning Styles Index
    • Career Interest Test
    • Stanford Binet Intelligence Test
    • Career Creativity Questionnaire
    • Personal Capacities Questionnaire
    • Entrepreneurship Researcher-made Questionnaire
    • Career Test
    • Recruitment Personality Test

  • Entrepreneur Test

We know how important it is to find candidates who are not only qualified
and knowledgeable, but also in tune with the organization’s values, ethics and culture.”

9. Workforce Consulting

At KARPIRA, we help our customers to maximize return and productivity through outsourcing their non-core functions. Our specialist programs are heavily focused on deliverables and timelines to manage customers’ expectations. Customers’ return is guaranteed, as we tie our expectations to monetary incentives and penalties.

Successful companies have a clear picture of the outcome they need to win and accelerate their business strategy. Additionally, they know more than just the number of people needed to execute, they know the capabilities and the organizational culture required to deliver. Not an easy feat in an increasingly uncertain, competitive and complex world.

As an HR or Procurement leader within your business, you may be asked to produce ideas based on how to strategically manage staff within your business. There may also be pressure to optimize your talent supply chain due to high, fixed rate recruitment costs.  Outsourcing your recruitment process is a cost saving solution adopted by many organizations of many sizes, not just global conglomerates with extensive budgets.

KARPIRA’s Workforce Consulting creates impactful workforce strategies by leveraging our deep understanding of global workforce trends that are shaping the way we work, our granular knowledge of local markets and legislation, and our workforce solutions implementation expertise.  Our innovative approach combines these insights and expertise to deliver a workforce strategy with a measurable action plan to accelerate growth through a greater alignment of business and workforce strategies.

Our success is tied to yours, so we are not satisfied until your new hires have fully transitioned into their new roles. More than just a transactional talent supplier, you get a consultative partner in KARPIRA that values you as an individual, no matter the size of your business.

“We work with our clients to develop holistic workforce strategies that allow them to
navigate their dynamic environment with confidence, deliver sustained success and
accelerate the execution of their business strategy.”

Contact us for a workforce solution that is mutually beneficial to your business and your next direct hire.

10.Talent Mapping

KARPIRA provides clients with a bespoke report which identifies a target candidate population of both active and passive candidates.

Talent mapping should form an integral part of a broader talent management strategy, allowing organizations to assess their existing skills and identify those required for the future

Talent Mapping is a strategic tool that assists HR specialists and Boards to plan for long term talent acquisition. The strategy is carried out by compiling on-going research and intelligence about other organizations and the talent within the industry.

KARPIRA identifies competitor structures, reporting lines and roles of responsibility, capturing information about a key individuals experience, track record of success, skills, academic background, hygiene factors such as package, and most importantly what are the factors which would affect their desire to consider joining your organization By building this intelligence over a sustained period of time and presenting detailed reports back to you, so you can:

What will your organization gain from working with KARPIRA on talent mapping?

  •  Comprehensive research reports on talent pools
    •    Long term talent acquisition strategies
  • Complement internal succession plans with the likely availability of external talent.
  • Speed up their recruitment process.
  • Make more informed recruitment decisions based on the talent in the market.
  • Reduce recruitment spend and improve your return on investment.
  • Gain valuable insight into competitor structure and strategy.

“With KARPIRA Talent Mapping Solutions, stay ahead of the game in prospecting talent.”

For further information, CONTACT US

11. Campaign Management

Campaign Management is an excellent way to drive interest for specific positions that you are recruiting for or increase brand awareness. Recruitment campaigns can potentially receive large volumes of applications, which can be time consuming when it comes to selecting the right candidate to interview.

Candidates that have responded to a recruitment campaign are screened over the phone and face to face, by KARPIRA. We then, should the candidate meet the requirements of the role, send across interview notes for the client to review.  Unsuccessful candidates will receive an offer of rejection and successful candidates will be asked to attend an interview.

For candidates that are to be interviewed, KARPIRA will arrange all the details of the recruitment process from interviews arrangements (either in your offices or ours) to offer and package negotiations on your behalf through to the placement of the candidate.

What will your organization gain from our Recruitment Campaign Management service?

  •  Cost and time savings
    •    Access to expert teams to develop, implement and manage advertising campaigns
    •    Adverting campaign discounts that are passed along to you, due to the discounts we are able to receive as regular advertisers in engineering services media
    •    A dedicated team member who will liaise with you throughout the marketing campaign, ensuring we provide full transparency/information and progress

For further information, CONTACT US

12. Managed Services

Our managed service programs are designed specifically for each client to help them realize their business objectives through innovative workforce solutions. These programs are based on a solid foundation of industry expertise, proven capabilities and best practice recruitment methodologies. We have long-standing business partnerships with respected organization that rely on us to fulfill their fluctuating and high-volume workforce needs in order to satisfy their own customer requirements.

Our Core Strengths

  • proven capabilities and methodologies
  • exceptional Program Managers hand-picked for their cultural fit and relevant industry knowledge
  • strong partnerships founded on robust and regular feedback and service enhancements
  • tangible performance metrics and results

Full Service Managed Service Program

Following a detailed process of discovery, a full end-to-end managed service program could incorporate:

  • contingent worker outsourcing
  • permanent recruitment campaigns
  • graduate program management

We consult with you to determine the best solution

  • strategic resource planning with reports generated through our unique Talent Market Analyst tool
  • demand planning and management
  • talent pool management of available and appropriately skilled candidates
  • compliance – eligibility and reference checking, health and safety training, psychometric testing
  • onboarding and induction
  • worker engagement activities to aid talent retention
  • management reporting
  • payroll

For further information, CONTACT US.

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