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Contract Staffing

We can provide contract staff to meet your short-term requirements. When you use a contractor, we will invoice you an agreed hourly rate. We will be responsible for paying the contractor. The number of hours you require and the length of the contract will be agreed at the outset, along with any other terms such as travel and accommodation provided.

For assignments or project works that require a specific period of commitment or when headcounts are of a business concern, we can provide monthly-rated personnel on a contract basis. For contract staffing, we will oversee the recruitment, administrative and logistic requirements for the duration of the contract terms.

KARPIRA is able to recruit and supply project based personnel on a contract basis. This is ideally suited to short, medium and long term projects where you do not wish to hire the candidate on a permanent basis. Some of our services in Contract Staffing field are:

  • Candidate attraction
  • Contract management
  • Mobilization and travel
  • Payroll services

At KARPIRA, we can determine and execute an optimum strategy for your recruitment with a flexible productive workforce which fits your cost expectations. Our contractor placement service allows your company to maintain workforce levels and retain available talent while reducing sourcing related costs. As a leading recruitment organization for staff, KARPIRA will provide you with the highest quality staffing solutions for your business requirements. Our recruitment professionals across the globe have the experience and knowledge to understand your engineering requirements, making sure we find a suitable match to your needs.

What will your organization gain from our Contract Placement service?

  • Added value – It is our belief that once the contractor is placed in a role they should not be forgotten. We hold regular follow-up sessions with contractors and have personal contact to ensure they are satisfied within their role. We also feedback to you, the client. By maintaining and building these relationships we create additional value to our customers.
  • Increased staffing standards – Because we know the industry, speak the same language and understand your pain points, we will help you find the right contract placement for your projects.

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