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Permanent Staff Placements (Full or Part-time)

Choosing the right permanent employees to meet the objectives and culture of your business can be a challenging and risky process. KARPIRA’s permanent recruitment services cover the full range of support such as head-hunting, search & selection, salary review, advertising, response handling, first-phase selection and pre-assessment, bespoke skills-testing, profile review, psychometrics, interview support, appointment and notice management.

Through our permanent staffing divisions, we are able to focus on the recruitment of talents for any industry and field of work. Personnels we target range from entry to mid-management level.

All of our services receive the backing of our in-house support teams – marketing, research & communications, quality management, accounts & payroll, HR & compliance – thereby ensuring we retain complete control of all activity and can respond flexibly and positively to any changing demands.

Every organization knows that having the right personnel is the secret of having a successful business .KARPIRA can help you determine, attract and recruit the necessary permanent core talent you need to grow and maintain the long term sustainable success of your organization. Our dedicated account team provides you with a single point of contact, helps you to develop a loyal and successful business partnership.

As part of our permanent recruitment service we provide the following services:

  • Annual Salary Reviews
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Campaign Management
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Assessment Centers
  • Candidate Mapping

We also provide an after placement service with regular follow-ups and feedback sessions. This service benefits both client and candidate and helps us to ensure we make the right decisions for your business. For each of our clients we create a bespoke recruiting program, as no one business is the same.

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