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Reliable On-call Customer Service

We know business no longer operate 9-5 and having a recruitment agency you can rely on is paramount to smooth business. Our recruitment and consulting services are available when you need them, on-call 24/7 we can accommodate any shift patterns, recruit for your shift workers through the late evenings, early mornings and weekends.

KARPIRA Golden Plans

Backed and nourished by ambitions and idealist goals of its founders, KARPIRA has been rapidly grown and has established its name as a distinguished, innovator and leading Human Resources and Training service Provider- not only in Iran, but Middle East and the Region.

Over the years, KARPIRA has proved itself as an outstanding “HR Brand” and “Independent Voice of Recruitment Industry” of a region, constantly strive for expanding true understanding about principles and practice of Human Resources Management which in turn results in better performance and achievements for players of this ever-growing industry in regional context.

Utilizing public and private sector connections with local, regional and global organizations and domestic and authorities, and also our regional experience and knowledge about the human resources needs, demands and regulations and most importantly its ambitious approach, KARPIRA has had the honor of collaboration, intermediation and partnerships with some of the most recognized HR Brands, and supervisory organizations and Associations as its premiere achievements.

Observing huge base of students, candidates and experts in the region seeking for study and work abroad, we have designed, developed and offered innovative and up-to date plans for assisting applicants in pursuing their dreams of living, studying & working abroad. EU Blue Card and International Internship Placements are among the most recent Golden Plans of KARPIRA, which a short descriptions of both is included in the next sections.