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EU Blue Card Placements, Advisory & Support

EU Blue Card is a work-residence permit which provides employment opportunities and consequentially possibilities of obtaining Member States` residence permit for non-EU experts.

All European countries –except for UK, Ireland and Denmark- has accepted this scheme approved in 2009, which has offered invaluable and unreadable opportunities for non-EU nationals for entering EU labour market and their career development.

EU Blue Card brings about many outstanding benefits, such as:

  • The same salary and benefits as EU nationals
  • The same Social and tax advantages as EU nationals
  • Right to free education
  • Right to family reunification
  • Ability to travel and move freely in other EU countries
  • Obtaining Permanent Residence for themselves and their family members
  • Prospect Career Promotions
  • Right to work in different EU countries

Being Exclusive Representative of EU Blue Card Network (EUBCN)– The only official authority to request and obtain EU Blue Card as well as finding appropriate job opportunities across the Europe Union- and considering sophisticated and specialized nature of EU Blue Card Scheme and intense competition with eligible applicants from different countries, KARPIRA has managed to make partnership, cooperation and alliances with some the best and most accredited service providers and organizations in employment and immigration fields in international context. KARPIRA EU
Blue Card Golden Plan is an inclusive and cooperative service package which covers the whole range of applicants, from Registration, CV writing, Reference Checks, Career Advice, Qualifications Verification to Interview Planning, Candidate Marketing, Negotiations, Legal Support, Family Reunification, etc.