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Personality, Career & Ability Psychometric Tests

Are you just starting out on your professional life and beginning to think about what career is right for you? Do you already have a career interest, but would like to redefine your goals or take on more responsibility?

At some point in your job hunting, you may well be asked to take a psychometric test. It’s important to keep tests in perspective; often they are only one of several selection tools used by an employer in assessing your suitability.
Whatever your career interests are, our assessments will help you to learn more about your personality and allow you to identify your skills and potential, values and preferences.

Employers use a variety of methods to select the right people. The greater the variety of situations in which a selector can see you perform, and the greater the number of skills that are being tested, the more accurate and objective the assessment should be. Tests are simply one way of assessing the competencies relevant to a specific job, and should ideally be designed with that type of work in mind.

From an employer’s point of view, tests are also a reasonably cost-efficient way of assessing a large number of applicants; this probably explains why many organizations use them to pre-select candidates on-line for (comparatively expensive) interviews. The purpose of the selection process is for an employer to choose an appropriate person to fill their vacancy.

Psychometric tests are now a common part of the assessment of job applicants. This covers both ability or aptitude tests and personality questionnaires. Our Psychometric tests are designed to assess job seekers` reasoning abilities or how they respond to different situations.

Our Tests are scientifically validated assessments designed for students, graduates, young professionals, and job-seekers. These Career Test suggests occupations that correspond to your interests, values, aspirations, and personality. These are concerned not with what you can do but explore the way you typically react or deal with different situations. Usually timed, they have no right or wrong answers. Certain characteristics may have been earmarked as required for a specific position, but trying to guess what answer to give seldom works. It is far better to be positive in your responses, but true to yourself.

“Our Solutions will help you build your professional strategy
and successfully lead your career in the direction you were meant to go.”

Whether you are a job seeker, looking for a new career path or hoping to improve your job satisfaction, Our Personality, Career and Abilities Psychometric Test helps you learn more about your work personality and the occupations that suit you best. This tests will help you to:

  • Discover your professional personality traits
  • Get ready for Interviews
  • Manage your career planning
  • Develop personally and improve your life satisfaction
  • Match your profile with different occupational groups

Utilizing the premiere researchers and scholars in Psychological sciences in our team, we are proud to offer the highest quality assessments in the industry, which benefit from extensive reliability and validity for employment purposes. These assessments are available in several languages. Some examples of our used tests include-but limits to:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Work Personality Index
  • Learning Styles Index
  • Career Interest Test
  • Stanford Binet Intelligence Test
  • Career Creativity Questionnaire
  • Personal Capacities Questionnaire
  • Entrepreneurship Researcher-made Questionnaire
  • Career Test
  • Recruitment Personality Test
  • Entrepreneur Test
  • Aptitude or ability tests
  • Personality questionnaires

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