Engineering Paid Internship Placements -Germany

Job Description:

“Specialized Courses + Job Opportunities for University Graduates in top Companies in Germany”
For Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Facilities Engineering


  • This program is for university graduates interested in acquiring work experience abroad
  • Dual training in Germany, which means practical learning in a company, combined with theoretical education in a vocational educational instate
  • Dual technical & vocational education, which means getting practical experience in a company along with theoretical knowledge
  • This program ends with an official Exam in the Germany Chamber of Commerce & Industry

1-3 years

Courses Advantages:

  • Most graduates utilize this opportunity for speculating in a specific field
  • Receiving salary, according to the specific agreements of each industry with Germany Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Obtaining official work Permit for Germany, valid for 3 years
  • Registration before Germany Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IHK)
  • Receiving accredited certificate at the end of course, with possibility if employment for top candidates

Available Services:

  • Registration before Germany Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IHK)
  • Support on preparing necessary documents for visa application
  • Consistent Support & Consulting
  • Apprenticeship Placement
  • Support on Work Permit application
  • Support on healthcare insurance, SIM Card, airport pick-up and appropriate accommodation