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What Our Clients say about KARPIRA?

‘I am pleased with the service that you offered us and it is very helpful…’

Lawan Kawan

Marketing Specialist




‘I would like to keep up the great relationship with you since I have experienced how professionally you do your job…’

Dr. Lukács László György

Doctors Abroad Healthcare Consulting



‘We highly appreciate your help and services;

we will be in touch and we will contact you and your agency whenever we have new job opportunity in our company.’

Doreid AL Azawy

Iraqi Company for Financing SME’s



“After seeing your website and facebook  I can say, I would join you with pleasure to your work.”

Szilvia Ekési

Human Resources Professional, Life & Business Coach

Karrier Update Kft.



“We would be happy to collaborate with your organization. We are interested in working with your organization.”

Sachin Ghaste

Senior Vice President- International Operations

Pipal Tree International (PTI)



“Looking forward to the pleasure of doing business with you in the future”

Patrizia Barrueco

Socia Directora

JLM Consultores



“Once again, thanks for your support and will be looking forward to working together with your prestigious organization.”

Abid Shakoor

Office Administrator, HR Recruiter

Five Star Enterprise



“We would be interested in a potential partnership with Karpira on the area of Recruitment. I hope we will be able to collaborate in the near future. I believe in a successful partnership by KARPIRA.”

Daniel Neagoe

Marketing Specialist

Premier Global



“It is with great interest that I am contacting you as an expert in HR recruiting, to kindly give me some advices”

Ajmal Shamsudeen

Associate Mechanical Engineer




“This is to congratulate Iran for its First English speaking professional business group ”KARPIRA’…” Wishing best of luck!”

Web Designer




“I see KEPIRA is the highly professional source of info to promote business interests in Iran and also to approach internationally for business needs for common interest.”

Mohammad Hafeez

Tax, Professional Training & Coaching



“Thanks for your kind responses and support. Will definitely contact you if any requirement comes up.”

Kadir Shaikh

Business Development Manager

Middle East Management Services (MEMS)

Saudi Arabia


“It will be an honour for me to cooperate with you…I am so much interested in cooperating with Iranian Experts And go into detail of Iran Businesses .. Also I am so interested in Iranian Culture.”

Ayham Tesbahji

Senior Trainer



“Thanks. You will be absolutely in my scope for our future needs in the Middle East.”

Aylin Sepici

HR and Administration Manager




“No doubt that we will keep you in our records, and we will contact you should we needed your assistance.”

Jose Antonio Moral


The Open House Bali



We see that you are a respectful recruitment and selection company and we would like to cooperate with you. We are looking forward to the possibility of our cooperation with you.”

Ljubomir Stojkovic

Managing Partner

Positions Abroad



“I look forward to hearing your views and hope that we will be able to arrange a follow up and potentially service some of your candidates across The Netherlands and Belgium.”

Peter D. Marsh

Sales Manager

AAme Accountants and Tax Advisers



“We also want to work in a long term business relationship and have a common understanding in doing business with your company.”

Nesrin AKCAN

International Retail HR

Recruitment Specialist

LC Waikiki



“We have agreed that you have some candidates with a very good chance of gaining employment in the EU but also in the Middle East.”

Dr. Cathrine O’Loughlin


Best Personnel Ltd



“We offer you opportunity to partner up with your company for Iran in an international recruitment bid that we are currently putting together. Thank you very much for your efforts in advance.”

Dr. Thorsten Koletschka

Supplier Development Lead EMEA

Talent Supply Chain Strategist

Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting Group



“Thanks for your full support, I would like to appreciate your step towards introducing Iranian market specially to those who never been in touch with Iranian industries. I’m ready to work with you.”

Mohamad Lawand

Operation Manager

Alfa Trading Co