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Job Description

QatarEnergy is a state-owned public corporation established byEmiri Decree No. 10 in 1974. It is responsible for all phases

of the oiland gas industry in the State of Qatar.The principal activities of QatarEnergy, its subsidiaries and jointventures are

the exploration, production, local and international saleof crude oil,natural gas and gas liquids, refined products,

syntheticfuels,petrochemicals, fuel additives, fertilizers, liquefied natural gas(LNG), steel and aluminium.Qatar Energy’s

strategy of conducting hydrocarbon exploration anddevelopment is through Exploration and Production Sharing

Agreements(EPSA) and Development and Production Sharing Agreements (DPSA)concluded with major international oil

and gas companies.The operations and activities of QatarEnergy and its affiliates areconducted atvarious onshore

locations, including Doha, Dukhan and the Mesaieed andRas Laffan Industrial Cities, as well as offshore areas, including

HalulIsland, offshore production stations, drilling platforms and the NorthField.Thriving on a spirit of enterprise, each of our

joint ventures isunderpinned by transparency, innovation and high standards of qualityand service. At QatarEnergy, we are

committed to one thing aboveall: Excellence.


Experience & Skills
A minimum of 10 years of experience of which at least five (5) years in trade supervisory position, followed by five (5) years

in multi discipline position with varied maintenance operation experience within a similar offshore oil and gas environment.

Experience in the use of computerized preventive maintenance program is essential.

Manage an average of 100 multi-disciplinary staff (direct hire and contract) at various levels and of different cultures and

backgrounds that are engaged to maintain the production platform that required special technical, operational, safety,

contracts negotiation, financial and managerial skill to meet business objectives.

Experienced B. Eng or higher/ equivalent in a relevant Engineering (Mechanical/ Electrical/ Instrument) discipline with an

aptitude for understanding cause and effects of complex instrumentation / electrical control system.