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International Internship Placement & Advisory

This service is offered by our partner agencies (H.A. NOVIN PARSIAN & ROAYE PARSIAN STUDY SERVICES). As the missing link between education and labor market entry, International Internship Courses add an extremely precious elements to professional resumes of attendants.

In recent decades, International Internship Courses has achieved vast and growing popularity, as a successful model inclusive of employment-oriented training and also practice of class-room knowledge in real work environments which creates invaluable personal, professional and social experience for applicants.Internships have been considered as one of the easiest ways to access training and employment opportunities. There are plenty of benefits for International Internship Courses, such as:

  • Meeting International Standards
  • Improving Language and communication skills
  • Improving professional resume with international experience as an added-value
  • Acquisition and application of knowledge, skills and professional
  • Income and financial independence
  • Experiencing new cultures
  • Taking advantage of the experience of foreign professionals

KARPIRA International Internship Golden Plan is the result of huge time investment, vast R&D and negotiation efforts in order to identify internship opportunities across the world and cooperation and partnerships with the best service providers and organizations in this field; which covers a vast range of professions and industries (Engineering, Automotive, Oil & Energy, Healthcare, Hospitality, Arts. etc.) in different countries (USA, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Turkey, China, India, Australia, Malaysia, etc.).

KARPIRA has planned to cover whole range of services and support activities which applicants may have, such as:

  • Application Assessment
  • Technical Interview
  • Permanent Support & Visa Support
  • Accommodation Planning
  • Multiple interviews with employers
  • Internship Contract Confirmation
  • Airport Transfer
  • Possibility of Customized Courses according to the needs and requests of applicants

More information can be found at: www.worldinternships.ir