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Top 10 Interview Tips

Preparation is a key to a successful interview!  

Be fully prepared for those unexpected questions.  Also, make sure you learn your CV and previous experience.  Remember, the more prepared you are, the more confident you’ll come across.

Check out the company you’re being interviewed with extensively

Make sure you understand their brand, product and organization structure.  For instance, do you know who the CEO is?  What is the company turnover?  Or what are their latest news stories?

Social networking sites – utilize them!

They are a great and modern way to find out more about the company and even your interviewer.  For instance, LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to inquisitively find out about a person’s career history.

Dress for interview success!

We are judged on first impressions, so it’s vital that those shoes are polished, best suit is dry cleaned and nails are nicely manicured.  We all feel more confident when we look good so make sure your appearance is neat, tidy and appropriate for the type of firm you are being interviewed with.  Make sure you bring some spare copies of your CV in a nice portfolio.  Include a pen and paper for taking notes.

Be on time

Yes, it sounds an obvious one but you’ll be surprised how many candidates end up being late or turn up far too early.  It can actually be a disadvantage if you turn up too early. Always, try to make sure that you turn up 5 -10 minutes early for the interview.

Accept a glass of water

Okay, so this may sound a little silly but it’s always better to have a glass on standby – just in case you do get nervous and aren’t very good at responding under pressure.  It can also ensure you a little extra time in case a client asks a difficult question.  Relax, take a sip of water, think… and then respond.

Tell me about yourself

This is one of the most popular asked questions at an interview.  Make sure you can relax and confidently talk about your education, career history and biggest achievements to date.  Practice this with friends and family, until it’s perfected.  Start backwards with your education and work history until your current employment.

Strengths, weakness and greatest achievement

Again, this is another popular question.  What are yours?  Be prepared for these questions.  Practice and make sure you’ll highlight the right weaknesses. If you need advice, then speak to one of smart10’s consultants.

Stay calm

We know interviews aren’t always enjoyable, however make sure you relax and stay as calm as possible.  Take a moment to recoup if necessary (have a sip of that water).  Maintain eye contact with the interviewer and try to gain a good rapport.  Listen to the entire question before you answer and pay attention – it can be embarrassing if you forget the question.

Don’t be afraid to ask your own questions

Hopefully, you’ll have lots of interviews lined up.  Therefore, it’s
important that you make sure that the company, and job, is right for you.  Make sure you have a few questions (3-5) written down and you’re ready to ask.