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Recruiting the right workforce requires spending time, money and knowledge, and therefore, many employers today entrust this important matter to recruitment agencies to help them identify, test, attract and retain skilled workforce. Karpira International Company is a human resources and recruitment agency that provides special services to employers in various fields (construction and construction, information technology, tourism and hospitality, management, economics and accounting, service and administration, technical engineering, medicine and treatment, etc.) Valid for companies and institutions. Our success stems from our passion to help job seekers and employers reach their full potential.

Carpira’s philosophy is simple. We believe that we have two audiences – job seekers and employers. We are well aware of this fact that our relations with both groups of contacts should contain mutual benefits and therefore we constantly try to provide their satisfaction to the highest possible level. Benefiting from expertise in the field of permanent, temporary and contract employment, extensive knowledge in the field of human resources management, unique business resources and relationships, and sufficient experience and insight in this field, Carpira International Company is one of the leaders in the field of international work. has changed

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Karpira international recruitment

By choosing Karpira International Company, you have taken the first step to hire talented workers. Carpira’s special services for employers, recruitment and human resources management will give new life to your career. Our constant effort is to go beyond the expectations of our fellow employers while establishing long-term cooperative relationships with selected employers, and by having access to the best work talents and knowledge of the latest developments in the laws and procedures of international business, the best workforce. We provide them with the latest and most up-to-date professional information sources.