• Workforce Consulting

At KARPIRA, we help our customers to maximize return and productivity through outsourcing their non-core functions. Our specialist programs are heavily focused on deliverables and timelines to manage customers’ expectations. Customers’ return is guaranteed, as we tie our expectations to monetary incentives and penalties.

Successful companies have a clear picture of the outcome they need to win and accelerate their business strategy. Additionally, they know more than just the number of people needed to execute, they know the capabilities and the organizational culture required to deliver. Not an easy feat in an increasingly uncertain, competitive and complex world.

As an HR or Procurement leader within your business, you may be asked to produce ideas based on how to strategically manage staff within your business. There may also be pressure to optimize your talent supply chain due to high, fixed rate recruitment costs.  Outsourcing your recruitment process is a cost saving solution adopted by many organizations of many sizes, not just global conglomerates with extensive budgets.

KARPIRA’s Workforce Consulting creates impactful workforce strategies by leveraging our deep understanding of global workforce trends that are shaping the way we work, our granular knowledge of local markets and legislation, and our workforce solutions implementation expertise.  Our innovative approach combines these insights and expertise to deliver a workforce strategy with a measurable action plan to accelerate growth through a greater alignment of business and workforce strategies.

Our success is tied to yours, so we are not satisfied until your new hires have fully transitioned into their new roles. More than just a transactional talent supplier, you get a consultative partner in KARPIRA that values you as an individual, no matter the size of your business.

“We work with our clients to develop holistic workforce strategies that allow them to
navigate their dynamic environment with confidence, deliver sustained success and
accelerate the execution of their business strategy.”