Your Prospect Employees

Our candidates are presented on the basis of a match against pre-determined competencies. We do not believe in a perfect candidate. As such, our candidates are presented realistically and truthfully against the competency model. The decision to hire, or not, by our client, is ultimately based on whether any deficiencies against the required qualifications.

We consistently utilize various tools and approaches to expand and improve our candidates` database. We use different tools such as Social Medias, paper advertising, email advertising campaigns, employment seminars and campaigns, referral programs and many other methods to recruit the appropriate candidates from different nationalities which benefit from both academic and work background on the highest levels. In achieving so, we combine traditional methods of sourcing and advertising with modern ways in order to reach out all eligible candidates.

“At KARPIRA, We develop client specific databases that are proactively
populated with candidates who are likely to meet both current and future needs.
This process not only speeds up the recruitment cycle, but also reduces costs.”