• Karpira

KARPIRA is an affiliate of premiere Holding –H.A. NOVIN PARSIAN International Group (NOOOA Holding)- which has long-time expertise in different sectors especially Education and Training. NOOOA is an award-winning provider of training, learning and development solutions with 1000+ individuals receiving training from us every month. This unique aspect enables us to feel independent about training needs, and we even offer this services to our candidates and trusted partners.

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“Our coaches are trained in applying well practiced Psychological techniques to support and help people master their fears and inhibitors to change and embed their new skills.”

  • Training

We design, deliver and evaluate a comprehensive range of training and development solutions to service both employers’ and employees’ individual needs. Our assessors all have occupational backgrounds in the areas they now provide training for; courses are developed at different levels, tailored specifically to address the existing and on-going business performance expectations of the company, and the needs of their staff in different fields such Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Energy, Gas & Oil, etc.

We are always ready and welcome organizing and managing training and educational events for our clients in different outlets such as workshops, seminars, private classes, group classes, conferences, etc. based on specific client’s and their staff needs.

KARPIRA offers training for a wide variety of jobs.  Employees are able to get the training they need to apply for jobs with confidence.  The additional training will allow them to be a step ahead of the competition.

KARPIRA accompanies industries in developing and maintaining the professional skills of their personnel to the highest industry standard. We are providing high-quality training solutions that is customized to suit your needs. We are committed to do everything possible to meet your expectations.

“No matter whether your business is large or small, we can develop
training courses in addition to training your workforce.”