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Our team consists of experienced and informed professional experts and consultants from all over the world who have diverse and extensive educational and professional experiences and records. Among the common characteristics of our team members, we can mention their admirable passion to help people in choosing and improving their career and professional status.

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As one of the subgroups of Novin Parsian International Hikmat Afarin Group, by using the huge potentials and other subgroups of this group, it has always tried to be one of the leaders in the field of providing comprehensive employment, training, consulting and human resource management services at the level International to be among the first class companies.

We believe that we have two audiences – job seekers and employers. We are well aware of this fact that our relations with both groups of contacts should contain mutual benefits and therefore we constantly try to provide their satisfaction to the highest possible level. Benefiting from expertise in the field of permanent, temporary and contract employment, extensive knowledge in the field of human resource management, unique business resources and relationships, and sufficient experience and insight in this field, make Carpira International Recruitment one of the leaders in the field of international employment. has changed

Our effort in Karpira International Job Search Group has always been to create employment opportunities for talented and experienced Iranian professionals by identifying job opportunities and potential employers in all possible ways and in different fields. Karpira’s international job search is based on its valuable achievements, which are the result of round-the-clock efforts and sincere activity, and the superior experiences of its managers, consisting of experts in the international field and fluent in foreign languages, in the past few years, by conducting research activities and extensive field research, as well as By activating offices in Europe and the Middle East and taking advantage of the experiences of reputable companies in the world and participating in prestigious exhibitions and conferences related to employment and also the job search industry in different countries and with a lot of investment both financially and humanly, we have succeeded in Creating a coherent and powerful information base and a research and development unit (R&D) in accordance with global standards.

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Karpira will maintain its focus on the needs of its customers and at the same time will continue to innovate, collaborate extensively with colleagues and fulfill its commitment to providing solutions, comprehensive services for all people.

We understand the need and also the importance of a committed and expert workforce and we continuously try to satisfy the job seekers at all stages of the recruitment process and also fulfill the needs of our partner employers by providing skilled workforce.

Entering the business world in today’s era, when the world has entered a period of great opportunities and challenges, requires special knowledge, skills and characteristics. In the new millennium, the factors affecting the success of individuals, organizations and nations are changing rapidly, and success depends on having modern knowledge and the ability to apply it in an innovative and efficient way.

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