Moving to a new location is generally a challenging, stressful and frustrating exercise, particularly if time is short and decisions have to be made quickly. We can provide an orientation tour, to understand the benefits, attractions, lifestyle and community of the new location. Again, depending on the circumstances, we can arrange for experienced professionals to assist in this.

Our Employee Orientation Programs introduces new employees to the organization and their new role. Beyond providing information about the organization’s policies and procedures, an effective orientation should make the new employee feel comfortable, helping them to learn about their role and the organization’s culture and values.

KARPIRA`s well-conceived and well-run orientation programs can thus address all the factors – logistical, professional, social, and philosophical – that can help a staff member fit into the organization in a foreign country and do the best job he can. Our orientation services will enable a new employee to be successful by:

  • Reducing the anxiety of the employee
  • Sharing relevant organizational information and beginning a process of learning about the organization’s mission and work
  • Socializing the employee to the culture of the organization, including the values, behaviours, formal and informal practices, etc.
  • Building relationship between the new employee and colleagues, including managers or supervisors

“We will always offer our candidates feedback & advice throughout their

recruitment application process and even after it till their final settlement”