• Talent Mapping

KARPIRA provides clients with a bespoke report which identifies a target candidate population of both active and passive candidates.

Talent mapping should form an integral part of a broader talent management strategy, allowing organizations to assess their existing skills and identify those required for the future

Talent Mapping is a strategic tool that assists HR specialists and Boards to plan for long term talent acquisition. The strategy is carried out by compiling on-going research and intelligence about other organizations and the talent within the industry.

KARPIRA identifies competitor structures, reporting lines and roles of responsibility, capturing information about a key individuals experience, track record of success, skills, academic background, hygiene factors such as package, and most importantly what are the factors which would affect their desire to consider joining your organization By building this intelligence over a sustained period of time and presenting detailed reports back to you, so you can:

What will your organization gain from working with KARPIRA on talent mapping?

  •  Comprehensive research reports on talent pools
    •    Long term talent acquisition strategies
  • Complement internal succession plans with the likely availability of external talent.
  • Speed up their recruitment process.
  • Make more informed recruitment decisions based on the talent in the market.
  • Reduce recruitment spend and improve your return on investment.
  • Gain valuable insight into competitor structure and strategy.

“With KARPIRA Talent Mapping Solutions, stay ahead of the game in prospecting talent.”