• Outplacement

KARPIRA`s Outplacement services can range from employee counselling and career guidance to resume writing, job placement help, job fair events and more. This is a practical support program to help employees who have to leave an organization, through redundancy, severance or significant corporate change, move to the next stage in their careers. Our Outplacement Solutions provide companies with an avenue by which excess staff may be let off in the most compassionate of ways.

Our Outplacement Services ensure employees experience a smooth transition from your organization, while allowing you to feel confident that you are communicating a strong message about treating employees with dignity and respect even at the most difficult of times.

Our Outplacement are designed to help make the career transition easier for laid off employees and they help you as an employer to do the right thing for displaced employees. We offer outplacement services for individual candidates at all levels and backgrounds—from executives through front-line staff. Some of these kind of services are as following:

  • Skill Training & Assistance
  • Proactive Career Development Solutions
  • Resume Writing
  • Individual Career Decisions
  • Resume Distribution
  • Outplacement Training & Notification Support
  • Outplacing Career Liaison Service
  • Online Personal Branding

“With KARPIRA`s outplacement services offered, your employees
can make the career transition much more smoothly.”