• Relocation

From our own personal experience, we know how extremely difficult it is to even find a new apartment or house in the city in which we live and we are so aware of the challenges that awaits someone who will be moving to a different city or country because of a new job or assignment.

We help our candidates settle in to their new locations, offering support services ranging from pre-mobilization information, to meeting them at the airport when they arrive and helping them with the local language. In insecure areas we work with our global network of approved partners to provide contractors with all the information and support they need to ensure they keep safe during their time in country.

So whether you are a single person simply in need of that extra help in finding a new place to settle into a new city or you will be relocating with your family and interested in a full relocation package that includes a variation of services from immigration support, to paperwork, tenancy agreements to school searches, we can help you. We have teamed up with a well-established relocation service provider to support you with this need.

“Travelling to a new assignment in an unfamiliar country can be a daunting process.

Our consultants are on hand to give candidates and contractors all the help they need.”

  • Our Services

At KARPIRA, we understand that relocation is an on-going process involving client company and the individual assignee. The successful relocation is taking into account each assignee’s individual needs and concerns which need to be addressed to within the boundaries specified by client company. Our multilingual staff, which have international experience are assisting and helping the assignee throughout the process.

Through our international network of partners they can offer services throughout Europe, The Americas, Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East, KARPIRA has longstanding partnership arrangements with other professional in the relocation industry such like removal companies.