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Most of us spend less time thinking about our careers than we should. Yet our work takes up so much of our time, and has such a big impact on our lives.

Career Advice is crucial to growing individuals as it facilitates self-awareness and facilitates their discovery of where they actually would like to take their lives and careers. It also helps them to design a road map towards that objective. When a job and its rewards become compatible with the individual goals of an engineer, his motivation levels simply skyrocket.

Finding the right career is one thing. Getting a job is another. You may not need help with your career planning, but you may need a new job. Getting a good job is much easier with the right contacts. So we have to work together to find the right people to talk to, say the right things, create the right messages, on your CV, in conversation, on social media and in interview.

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“Knowing what career you want and putting in place the right

strategy to get a job you’ll enjoy can be fun.”

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We employ numerous approaches to help candidates uncover their real skillsets and develop various Career Scenarios that will maximize their job satisfaction and potential to achieve success.

The basic objective of our career advice service is to assist professionals to better understand their potential career paths and options. It’s important for recent graduates to keep in touch with the changing requirements of the engineering industry. With guidance from our team of coaches, coaches can recognize their strengths and weaknesses, leverage strengths and plan their career development. Our coaching services are delivered either face-to-face or via the internet on Skype.  As such, our geographical coverage is global in nature.

The secret to have a career which you enjoy is to understand yourself. To know, not just what your skills are, although that’s important, but also what you really care about, what matters to you, what you would like to be doing with your life. Once you are clear about that it’s so much easier to look at different career paths and decide if they might be right for you. And, we are here to help you on this respect.