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Why choose us?

  • We act as your personal consultants and provide you with valid market insights
  • We have strong relationships with hiring managers and key decision-makers
  • We give you access to job opportunities that are not advertised elsewhere
  • We do the job search for you, free of charge
  • We provide you with deep insight into organizations, beyond the job specs
  • We are always committed to protect your privacy and confidentiality
  • We always provide honest feedback, whether it is positive or negative
  • Our candidates are carefully selected, interviewed directly by our consultants and we gain references from previous employees
  • Our consultants are passionate about building excellent relationships with our clients, ensuring we really understand your recruitment needs and match your roles to perfection.
  • We offer onsite IT tests for all of our candidates within Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Full results can be provided upon request.
  • We keep you updated during the whole recruitment cycle
  • Instead of just sending over CV’s, we arrange direct interview slots with our clients, – it’s what you pay us for!
  • We have a fully equipped meeting room for any interviews you’d like to conduct ‘off site’.
  • All our consultants are smart, talented and experienced recruitment professionals

Choose Us