Career Preparation Instructor

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Job Description

Job Description


Salary Expectation:

10,000 to 12,000 AED

Job Overview :

The Career Preparation Instructor will facilitate group lessons designed to assist students in preparation for success in the UAE job market. S/he is responsible to teach the basic principles and concepts of long-term employability skills and to develop the fundamental hard & soft skills and business acumen required in the UAE workplace. S/he shall ensure consistency and relevance of subjects taught.

Role and Responsibilities:

·       Design and deliver innovative tools, engaging learning, change and leadership development experiences for the students from the career preparation curriculum

·       Instruct students on basic skills that will enhance career readiness and job search competencies which include but not limited to: identifying opportunities, building personal brand, excelling at interviews, story building, digital literacy, research and analysis and effectiveness and efficiency

·       Endeavor to promote a positive and desirable atmosphere within the classroom setting to ensure maximum student motivation and participation through establishing a high degree of student-instructor rapport

·       Provide students with practical guidance and mentorship as appropriate and assist in the completion of students’ resume when needed

·       Model and mentor career success standards through driving responsibilities and monitoring student activities

·       Continuously help students become more employable through using all possible curricular resources available on Center

·       Perform other duties as assigned by management

Education and Experience Requirements 

  • Bachelor degree in Training/Business or related field
  • Minimum of one to two years related experience in education and/or training fields as a training facilitator, training coordinator, or any other similar role
  • Minimum of one to two years related industry/corporate experience