Civil Engineering

March 11, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Complete job description
Do you want to help drive the digital development and learn how to plan and manage complex construction projects? Then you might be one of our future engineering or construction trainees in NCC Civil Engineering.

In NCC Civil Engineering, we carry out complex construction and infrastructure projects, including concrete structures, such as pumping stations, waste water basins, drinking water tanks, as well as pipeline work, tunneling and construction pits.

As an intern, you will assist with planning and management of own production and specialist contractors, coordination of procurement of supplies and subsequent execution. You must manage and follow up on time, quality and finances so that we reach the goal of the project and get a satisfied client. As an intern, you are an important part of the team, and you work closely with experienced colleagues. You will be challenged on your ability to make the right decisions in a busy everyday life and at the same time look ahead and solve the problems before the work is carried out in the field. It’s fun and exciting, and we’ll give you all the help you need.

In Civil Engineering, we are at the forefront of digital development. We use drones, tablets, 3D printing, 3D and 4D models, and we help drive the digital development in NCC. There is therefore ample opportunity to show what you can use the latest technologies for.

“If you want to and volunteer, you are allowed to work on an equal footing with the others, and this increases motivation and interest in what you do. I have had some really fun and long days where you are allowed to make things that are also used on the construction site. It provides a completely different kind of interest, motivation and learning.”

Tobias, former intern at NCC

For autumn 2023, we are looking for 3-4 interns, among other things for the following projects:


In Copenhagen, we are in the process of building the Kalvebod Brygge Skyburst Tunnel, which will help secure the city in connection with cloudbursts. The tunnel is one of several main waterways in Copenhagen’s and Frederiksberg Municipality’s cloudburst concretization plan and must be able to collect cloudburst water from Frederiksberg East and Vesterbro and direct it further into the harbour. The 1.3 km. long cloudburst tunnel must cross under 21 railway tracks and be led very close to the Metro’s tunnel tube as well as run through contaminated soil and under several buildings worthy of preservation in the dense urban environment. In the execution, sheet piles are driven and secant piles are used to establish the shafts, and they are built/drilled with the same techniques as used in the construction of the Metro.

In Gevninge, west of Roskilde, we are working on the project “The work at Gevninge” as main contractor for HOFOR, including all the building and construction works. The work is carried out as a bare field project, where the new waterworks will replace the existing one at Lejre. NCC’s contract covers virtually all subjects within construction and construction; ranging from ground/wire work, concrete work, steel and facade work, building installations, etc. This requires a great deal of focus on coordination and cooperation with the other parties to the case. The new waterworks is a very exciting project which started in June 2021 and is expected to be completed in January 2024.


At Renseanlæg Damhusåen, we ensure that the water line – that is, the flow of water through the entire plant – is optimized and the capacity expanded. The treatment plant’s renewed capacity must thus meet the future load for population and business development corresponding to the future supply of waste water and rainwater, taking into account climate change and measures in the catchment area, and ultimately comply with future discharge requirements. The water line will be optimized by building a new distribution structure, establishing side-stream hydrolysis instead of the current BIO-P plant, and constructing four new post-clarification tanks – a complex project which is carried out as a turnkey contractor (in consortium with Envidan) . At the same time, a new intermediate pumping station must be established, which must ensure increased maximum flow capacity for the biological part of the purification process and provide increased safety by having redundancy at intermediate pumping stations during dry weather operation. The waste water from both the existing and the new intermediate pumping station is directed to the new one

distributor building.

PH Park

In Hørsholm, we are in the process of establishing an approx. 4000 m3 delay basin for the common system in the future PH Park for Novafos. The project has been tendered as a main contractor and includes an underground in-situ cast basin and pumping station with associated installation and forging works. Construction pit screeds and groundwater lowering must be established, incl. reinfiltration and monitoring. In addition, drainage lines and cable works must be established. The area is restored with raw soil and a service road to the basin and a path across the area are built. The underground wastewater basin is to be established in the eastern part of the park on an area between Sophielund and Bolbrovej.