March 11, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Complete job description
Would you like to work very close to the Defense Inspection Aircraft, Challenger CL-604?

If the answer is yes, then come and help ensure operations with the Challenger aircraft when the aircraft and crews solve tasks within surveillance, sovereignty enforcement and evacuation missions in e.g. The Arctic and the Baltic Sea, as well as VIP flights for the Government and the Royal House.

About us

We are a broadly composed team with both experienced and newly trained colleagues. We are a total of eight colleagues with civilian or military training. Most are engineers, but you will also have colleagues with other academic degrees. We work a lot in small teams, where both professional effort and innovative thinking are highly valued.

We cooperate in a broad national and international environment with the aircraft manufacturers, the industry and partner nations to achieve the best possible conditions for the operation and development of the aircraft.

About the position

As our new colleague, you will be part of the team responsible for avionics and electrical systems on the CL-604 aircraft.

You will carry out technical assessments, data processing and diagnosis of various problems that arise in connection with flying, as part of maintenance or as a modification, when there is a need to install new equipment in the aircraft and you will also be involved for i.a. test flights.

The team works with a selection of advanced avionics systems such as:

Inertial Navigation (Ring Laser Gyro)
Satellite navigation (GPS)
Flight Management System (Blended Navigation Solutions)
Autopilot (Closed Loop Feedback Systems)
Instrument Landing Systems (ILS)
Radio communication (HF, VHF, UHF, SATCOM)
RADAR and electro-optical sensors (FLIR/EO)
You will be in close contact with the aircraft manufacturer and the pilots and technicians who use the aircraft. You are thus directly involved in flights, operational testing of systems, updates and troubleshooting. You must also prepare and prepare technical documentation.

In the position, you will experience a high degree of independence with a great deal of personal responsibility. You will of course be offered relevant further training.

There will be around 20 travel days per year. These will primarily go to the Air Transport Wing in Aalborg, where CL-604 has its home base, but there will also be trips in connection with visits to foreign partners and the aircraft manufacturer.

Your place of work is the Ministry of Defence, the Material and Procurement Agency’s domicile in Ballerup.

About you

You are a trained engineer and it will be an advantage if you are trained in electronics. If you have another field of study, we emphasize that you have an interest in electricity and electronics.

It is not a requirement that you have experience with aircraft, but you must be willing to build an understanding of the concepts behind a range of advanced avionics systems, all of which are constantly evolving.

You can either be a newly qualified engineer or have experience from the labor market. We are ready to adapt a competence development course to the right candidate.

You must be a team player, be good at communicating and be able to express yourself intelligibly in writing and in speech in both Danish and English. You are proactive, positive and can maintain an overview. You must like working in a structured manner with complex issues.