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We are seeking x3 Healthcare Scientists , on a permanent appointment with a scientific background to join the Central Sequencing Laboratory in Colindaleand as part of a team that will perform a range of tasks to undertake the execution of the DNA sequencing (NGS and Sanger) and Fragment Analysis Services in the UK Health Security Agency. Flexible work is required for this role. The post holder will be expected to maintain at all times the required high standards and quality to maintain an up-to-date knowledge of genomic sequencing technologies and current working practices within the unit.

The Central Sequencing Laboratory comprises a high throughput and regional sequencing capacity and capability in support of the COVID response and moving forward the development and consolidation of the wider pathogen genomics programme. The work of the genomics sequencing services is to support UKHSA’s genomics surveillance programmes, to aid detection of outbreaks and transmission of infections, to characterise and correlate genomics to virulence and antimicrobial resistance mechanisms efficiently and effectively, and generate evidence to support effective interventions, all within the wider UKHSA objective, to significantly reduce their overall public health burden.