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Reporting to the Product Director, the Illustrator at Threadheads will be responsible for the realisation of new designs for our graphic tees, apparel and accessories. The role requires technical proficiency in Adobe Illustrator to produce digital artwork that is compatible with Direct to Garment (DTG) printing. More broadly, the Illustrator will work collaboratively with the product team to draft and execute new product design ideas.

Please submit your illustration portfolio to be considered for this role.

Key Responsibilities

    • Reviewing illustration concept briefs from Creative Director
    • Conducting thorough research of concepts to determine creative and illustrative requirements of each product design
    • Preparing rough sketches and illustrations to develop proof of concept
    • Creating final artworks using digital media such as Adobe Illustrator and exporting them into printable assets
    • Reviewing existing artwork to make design alterations based on market feedback
    • Creating exclusive artwork for collaborations with licensing partners such as SEGA-Sonic, Ghostbusters, Cobra Kai, Rick and Morty, Harry Potter, Batman, Astro Boy, Naruto and more
    • Creating artwork for the Threadheads Originals collection


    • At least 4 years of experience with Adobe Illustrator
    • An impressive freelance illustration portfolio
    • Illustrative versatility to cover a range of styles
    • Graphic design composition experience a bonus
    • The ability to understand and extend the Threadheads brand identity by producing unique on-brand artwork


    • Choose between hybrid work split between office and home, or fully remote available
    • High-growth business with career development opportunities
    • Competitive starting salary with room to move
    • Office puppies
    • Equity options as part of starting salary package

Why should I work at Threadheads?
We could list a thousand reasons, but that would require us to think of a thousand reasons. Know this: We’re pretty open-minded at Threadheads.
So—if you wanted us to create a ‘Bring Your Miniature Pony Named Hercules That’s Actually Just A Great Dane, And You’re Not Fooling Anyone Day’, we’d totally do it.
Logistically, it will absolutely send Janice in HR bonkers. But that’s alright. We think she’s stealing the paperclips, and we’ll be letting her go anyway.

Why should I (actually) work at Threadheads?
Working at Threadheads is like climbing into a warm, big-foot-sized pile of fairy floss and eating your way to the surface. It’s delicious, it’s fluffy, it’s warm, it’s energising, and it will give you diabetes.
Okay, definitely not the last one. That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. But, hopefully, you get the vibe that we’re not your ordinary, pop-culture-powered graphic t-shirt brand.
We like to have fun—lots of fun. Think office puppies. Think trivia. Think unintentionally offending lactose-intolerant people. Think stealing endangered animals from the zoo as a team-building exercise. ( Okay, again, definitely not that last one.)
We’re a brand that doesn’t take things too seriously, and we inject humour into everything we do. But that doesn’t mean we don’t mean business. We just play with puppies while working hard.
If the above hasn’t convinced you (and has just creeped you out), here are some other reasons to join Threadheads:
  • You’ll grow as the company grows. Unfortunately, we don’t mean height. We do mean supercharged career progression.
  • You’ll work with some of the biggest brands in the world, from SEGA and Rick and Morty to Harry Potter and Crash Bandicoot.
  • It’s a fast-paced start-up environment which means your organisational and operational impact will be significant.
  • You get to be super creative day in, day out.
  • You get to work with a guy named Ace. How many Aces have you met in your life?
  • Did we mention the office puppies?