Marketing Campaigns Officer (Schools and Colleges)

December 22, 2022

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Job Description

Key Responsibilities
and Accountabilities:

  • Provide professional, proactive and reactive marketing campaign expertise and

advice, to support colleagues in Home Student Recruitment, in communicating
with key stakeholders within schools and colleges, including both pre- and post-
16 teachers and advisors.

  • Working closely with the Head of Home Student Recruitment, Head of Widening

Access and Participation and their teams to promote schools and college
recruitment events and to understand and deliver their marketing requirements
and ensure effective communication.

  • Develop an understanding of the Schools and College Partnerships team’s

priority schools,and collaborate on data driven insight that leads to schools
becoming a priority. Collaborate with Schools, Colleges and Partnerships team
to ensure the marketing of recruitment events and activities are appealing and
audience targeted.

  • Collate, interpret, and report on insightful data and relevant research regarding a

designated area of responsibility (e.g., schools and colleges) to inform
marketing campaigns.

  • Liaise with key stakeholders to understand and analyse their requirements for

marketing-led solutions and collaborate to create and communicate timely and

structured marketing campaign plans with clear objectives and actions.

  • Regular liaison with the Schools, Colleges and Partnerships Officers to

understand teams’ priorities and plans and to ensure collaboration.

  • Use various analytics platforms to monitor marketing campaign activity, leading

regular review meetings and reporting and sharing performance metrics against
set objectives with relevant stakeholders, setting recommendations for future

  • Work across a range of platforms using marketing expertise to identify the best

platforms for each campaign, including but not limited to CRM, social media,
website content, digital advertising, non-digital advertising.

  • Liaise with external parties to deliver marketing campaigns including, but not

limited to, creative and media buying agencies.

  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders and colleagues from Marketing, Graphic

Design, Digital Content, Communications and Events, Home Student
Recruitment and other key areas to develop on-brand creative assets and key
messages to reach and positively influence the desired audience.

  • Work with the CRM Systems Officer to ensure synergy with campaigns and

CRM-driven communications, including the creation and review of marketing
emails where appropriate for the Schools and College’s audience

  • Be responsible for the writing and creating of CRM emails for events and

campaigns, ensuring key messages, appropriate call to actions, branding and
appropriate language is used.

  • Contribute to campaigns led by others where required including other Marketing

Campaign Officers and the Marketing Campaigns Manager.

  • Work with the Head of Marketing Strategy and Marketing Campaigns Manager

to ensure brand guidelines are adhered to and the brand is maximised across

  • Collaborate with Digital Content Coordinators to maximise use of digital assets

and to flag the need for revised and new assets where necessary.

  • Represent the Marketing Strategy Team on appropriate University and service-

level meetings and committees.

  • Project manage the production of marketing materials from conception to

delivery as required.

  • Keep abreast of marketing developments and opportunities both within the

Higher Education sector and in the wider marketing arena, to enable the
University to meet its marketing objectives.

  • Undertake any other duties which are deemed commensurate with the

post that will contribute to the effective and efficient functioning of the MarketingStrategy Team as directed by the Marketing Campaigns Manager.

  • Undertake and support staff development as appropriate.
  • All staff across the Service are required to be flexible to support the focus on

student recruitment, which may mean occasional evening or weekend working
and overnight stays if attending recruitment fairs.

  • All teams are required to assist and support key recruitment events such as

Open Days and Clearing.


University of Sunderland
Role Profile
Part 2


Part 2A: Essential and Desirable Criteria


Qualifications and Professional Memberships:

  • Holds a marketing qualification or be willing to work towards one.

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Experience in a marketing focused role
  • Experience of developing marketing plans for specific audiences that align

to an organisational strategy and have clear outcomes.

  • Experience of interrogating and understanding complex data to inform and

evaluate marketing activity

  • Experience of creating, implementing, and evaluating integrated marketing


  • Experience of working with a range of clients at different levels within a

complex organisation

  • Experience of working with internal and external agencies to brief, manage

and coordinate creative processes from conception to evaluation

  • Excellent copywriting skills for both on and offline
  • Highly IT literate and proficient in the use of a range of software and

applications including Microsoft 365 and the Adobe Creative Cloud.

  • Ability to communicate with key student recruitment age-groups,

particularly 18-year-old school-leavers and their influencers

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Good organisational and administrative skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team and independently
  • Knowledge of the UK student recruitment and UCAS application cycle,

(including Clearing) and its impact on student recruitment and marketing

Qualifications and Professional Memberships:

  • Postgraduate qualification in marketing
  • CIM membership or similar professional body

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Experience of working within the HE sector
  • Experience of working with Customer Relationship Management systems
  • Knowledge of UK undergraduate admissions, interview, and selection

processes and how marketing campaigns can align to these.


Part 2B: Key Competencies
Competencies are
assessed at the
testing stage


  • Summarises and interprets complex data and reports to aid others

understanding, aimed at their needs.

  • Uses appropriate styles and arguments to influence and negotiate

satisfactory outcomes.

  • Monitors understanding of others, develops approach and takes corrective

action if required

  • Conveys information of a complex, conceptual and specialist nature using

a range of styles and media selected to meet the needs of others

  • Monitors the reactions of others and takes appropriate steps to remedy

any miscommunications

Service Delivery

  • Adapts services and systems to meet customers’ needs and identifies

ways of improving standards

  • Learns from any complaints and takes action to resolve them
  • Collates feedback and views from customers and keeps up to date with

market trends to inform service development and make changes

  • Actively promotes services
  • Sets standards sufficiently high to meet customer expectations
  • Is aware of external factors that may impact services and takes action to

minimise potential risk

Decision Making Process and Outcomes

  • Helps others to explore options that initially appear to be inappropriate or

unfeasible and recognise when a decision is or is not needed

  • Enables others to contribute to decisions
  • Ensures that options are weighed, outcomes identified, and chances of

success considered Challenges decisions, appropriately to ensure
consideration and processes are robust

  • Outlines possible impacting factors, assessing their degree of influence on

the choice of options

Liaison and Networking

  • Ensures that accurate information is passed on to the most appropriate

people in a timely fashion to improve working practices

  • Co-ordinates own effort with that of others so the work is completed

effectively in line with team objectives

  • Promotes a positive image of the Institution

Analysis, Initiative and Problem Solving

  • Analyses problems to identify their cause
  • Takes action to prevent recurrence of problems
  • Considers possible solutions to identify those which offer wider benefits
  • Obtains evidence to support intuition
  • Brings together evidence obtained from a variety of sources to develop


  • Considers options in light of experience and weights their immediate and

longer-term benefits against their chances of success

Team Development

  • Provides induction material and early experience to help new colleagues

learn their job and become part of the team quickly

  • Acts as a buddy, coach, and role model to new colleagues.

Date Completed: Nov 2022