Mechanical Project Engineer

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Job Description

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The Mechanical Project Engineer is responsible for designing and developing engineering products/solutions to meet customer requirements including manufacturing, testing and commissioning to ensure products conform to statutory regulations and procedures.

You will report to the Lead Nuclear Mechanical Engineer for technical aspects of the position and to the Program Manager for project delivery aspects.
About You

“A challenging hands-on engineering role in SyMo program. We are looking for someone with a strong safety culture and commitment to quality in addition to solid engineering ability” – Alamin Hossain, AME Portfolio and Program Manager
Your Duties and Responsibilities

Assist in the design and development of nuclear and mechanical engineering problems by applying relevant expertise and professional skills, under the supervision of a senior team member.
Work closely with management to outline scope, undertake cost estimating, recommend feasible solution and ensure final product meets customer requirements by maintaining regular contact.
Participate in the complete engineering process from concept development through to product manufacturing and commissioning to ensure customer satisfaction.
Conceptualise and conceive design approaches to ensure engineering solutions are fit for purpose, cost-effective & practical.
Complete 3D Modelling to develop and design concepts into virtual reality to better describe design proposals to customers, as required
Undertake research and development to create one off solutions for clients.