Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance Programme Manager

January 7, 2023

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Our Local Care Partnership, Lambeth Together, wants the people of Lambeth to have a fully integrated system of community support through local networks of care and support that empowers people to live healthy, fulfilling lives. The Partnership has pledged to make Lambeth a place where:

  • Health and social care outcomes are improved for all our communities, regardless of background or lived experience
  • People can reach their potential, are valued, are safe from harm and have positive choices about their health and social care
  • We strongly celebrate our rich diversity
  • Our communities’ voices are actively heard
  • We focus our attention on improving equality, diversity and inclusion

To achieve this, we have come together as an integrated health and care system, delivering transformative health and care in Lambeth.

At the heart of achieving this ambition is the need to develop partnerships based on Alliance principles, and to join up services.

The post holder will support an ambitious programme of transformation working towards one Alliance framework, with an innovative outcomes based focus.

The Lambeth Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Programme Manager will assist the Board to lead and manage a programme of work to establish and develop an Alliance partnership between health and social care providers, and the voluntary sector in Lambeth. This work is grounded in understanding population health management, and the health profiles of Lambeth.

The Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance Programme Manager will support the following:

  • Leading the programme of partnership work on neighbourhood development for Lambeth
  • Facilitating and implementing a learning and development framework for the AAlliance
  • Designing and implementing a framework through which to appraise maturity, capability and readiness for change as a partnership
  • Leading the development and coordination of providers to respond to any emerging commissioning process
  • Develop a partnership response to any commissioning process for the Neighbourhood & Wellbeing Partnership Delivery Alliance
  • Lead and implement an integrated proposal, vision and delivery plan for the borough wide neighbourhood Alliance delivery model to reduce health inequalities
  • Alliance Lead, design and develop a Neighbourhood Alliance community and engagement model and delivery plan.
  • Lead, design and implement a process to support delivery of the neighbourhood model and relevant service development that needs to be at a borough wide level.
  • Lead the development, design and support delivery of implementation plans in conjunction with all partners
  • Support wider Lambeth Together strategic projects
  • Ensure that Alliance activities support the delivery of Lambeth’s Health & Wellbeing Strategy

GSTT Organisational Values:
Ourvalueshelp us to define and develop our culture,what we doandhow we do it. It is important that you understand and reflect these values throughout your employment with the Trust.

The post holder will:
1. Put patients first
2. Take pride in what they do
3. Respect others
4. Strive to be the best
5. Act with integrity

Our values and behaviours framework describes what it means for every one of us in the Trust to put our values into action. The framework can be found on our Trust careers pages and GTIntranet.

The Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Alliance Programme Manager will support the following:

Strategy development: With the Leadership Group, build a compelling and comprehensive transformation case and programme to achieve the vision set out in the NHS Long Term Plan, the Fuller Report, and the SE London Integrated Care System Strategy that includes:

  • Operational models
  • Action oriented measures to reduce health inequalities
  • Population health approach
  • Enablers (digital, workforce)
  • Financial flows across organisations
  • Partnership approach
  • Convene stakeholders to co-create the culture, leadership, relationships and governance required to achieve the vision and ambition of the partnership.
  • Lead and engage stakeholders across partner organisations to develop partnerships in line with Alliance principles.
  • Manage key relationships with the Directors, and delivery leads of partner organisations with a material role to play.
  • Support partners by promoting them in the community, developing sustainable partnerships with a multi-agency health and care community.
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues and others to ensure that milestones are delivered.
  • Develop the strategy and partnership model with the voluntary sector (VCS) and communities to support engagement in the partnership approach.
  • Communicate the partnership’s plans internally and externally enabling all stakeholders to understand them and how they can be part of shaping and delivering the outcomes and goals.
  • Maintain a dynamic and evolving approach in response to a fast changing policy environment.
  • Lead the co-creation of local plans as required that keep in step with the wider pace of change (local, south east, regional and national).

Programme management:

  • Ensure appropriate programme management team, structure and framework is in place.
  • Manage the programme team – including direct line management and the bringing together of contributory support from partner organisations and the community.
  • Prepare proposals, initiation documents, delivery plans, presentations and associated documents as required for the partnership and respective partner organisations.
  • Identify resources, including access to external experts, corporate expertise, subject matter experts.
  • Lead the matrix programme resource across partnerships to deliver objectives.
  • Work collaboratively with all partners to ensure effective cohesion, delivery and monitoring of the partnership’s strategic, transformation and financial plans.
  • Develop inclusive and co-produced planning processes, ensuring the voice of people using support, families and advocacy/interest groups are included in strategic planning and delivery.
  • Develop culturally sensitive and competent working acceptable to an ethnically diverse inner-city population and to ensure fair access to services irrespective of gender, sexuality, religion, culture, race or disability.
  • Report to the Neighbourhood & Wellbeing Partnership Leadership Board, on business plan progress, quality, KPI and financial performance, transformation plans and business challenges offering insights, seeking advice and developing solutions.
  • Lead and manage the components of the programme supported by Guy’s & St Thomas’ Charity and report to the Charity at regular, agreed intervals.
  • Lead the on-going development and maintenance of processes such as programme level reporting, benefits realisation, risk and issue management etc.
  • Ensure a robust process for exceptions based programme reporting, including programme, work streams and project reporting is developed, delivered and maintained.
  • Review and scrutinise work streams and, where appropriate, project reports, focusing particularly on significant variances and large, critical and higher risk projects.
  • To be responsible for the synthesis of complex data (including service quality, operational, financial, workforce metrics) from varying sources and, using appropriate assumptions, organise this into evidenced recommendations and options. Judgement will need to be applied to a range of conflicting, highly complex scenarios.
  • Lead the facilitation and delivery of the resolution of strategic risks and issues and work stream interdependencies.
  • Accountable for ensuring that all projects/work streams have clearly defined project briefs, templates and milestones and also business cases (where appropriate).
  • Provide practical expert support to the work stream leads (who are senior clinical and social care leaders): provision of appropriate coaching in programme governance to enable them to execute their roles; and to support leads in achieving transformation milestones and deliverables through the provision of appropriate management and change resources.
  • Be responsible for the co-ordination of work with partners to ensure evidence-based outcomes and process measures of strategic objectives are accurately captured, fully understood and analysed.
  • Maintain overall integrity and coherence of the whole programme to ensure that it is coordinated as a complementary whole, to achieve benefits.
  • Ensure the learning from and achievements of our new models of care and innovative approaches to developing our care system are shared with internal and external stakeholders including informing and shaping actions and emerging policy.
  • To be actively involved in ensuring the development of a learning, adaptive culture that promotes continuous collaborative improvement across partners
  • To utilise robust programme and project planning methodology (e.g. MSP and PRINCE2) to ensure deadlines are met within the budget and resources available.
  • To embed change and innovation methodology among the partners and beyond in order to facilitate transformational change.

Financial and Physical Resources:

  • The post holder is a responsible budget holder including bidding for additional funding form both statutory and philanthropic sources
  • The post holder is accountable for realising the benefits of the programme in a timely manner across budgets in accordance with the benefits plan and governance arrangements.
  • In addition to tracking and monitoring identified financial benefits, the post holder will be responsible for the early identification and management of unintended benefits and dis-benefits.
  • The role may, if appropriate, require procurement of consultancy support for programmes of work to identify the best supplier and to ensure value for money. This involves liaison with suppliers and adherence to procurement rules including clarity of specification, making evaluation criteria explicit and transparency in decision making.
  • Procurement of other supplies as necessary and according to procurement rules.
  • Act in a way that is compliant with Standing Orders and Standing Financial Instructions in the discharge of this responsibility.
  • Constantly strive for value for money and greater efficiency in the use of these budgets and to ensure that they operate in recurrent financial balance year on year.

Partnership development and commissioning interface

  • Design and develop a robust outline case and final response that meets the requirements of partners, regulators and commissioners in relation to any Neighbourhood & Wellbeing commissioning process.
  • Lead neighbourhood stakeholder support and management.
  • Undertake neighbourhood stakeholder analysis and ensure all stakeholders are involved as required.
  • Develop and lead an overarching neighbourhood communication and engagement strategy.
  • Lead the development of briefings, reports, and gateway reviews for senior leaders in their respective organisations within scope of the partnership.

Information Management:

  • To ensure consistency in approach to data collection by the programme and projects, and to facilitate an appropriate level of analysis that, in turn, enables robust conclusions to be drawn from the most complex and potentially conflicting information. This requires a sound understanding of information collection and use across primary, secondary care and social care covering both national and local sources and liaison with relevant registries and other intelligence sources.

Research and Development:

  • To identify uses and interpretation of national patient experience survey information and to encourage local project teams to make use of this information to identify areas for improvement.
  • To ensure a local focus research to inform how programmes need to be tailored to reduce health inequality for those with protected characteristics and/or those living in poverty
  • To ensure appropriate inclusion of partners and other stakeholders in the development and scoping of transformation and change projects, particularly in relation to local population epidemiology and demand and impact modelling.


  • The post holder must be self-guiding and self-motivated. They should be able to usetheir own discretion in order to manage the balance of time allocated between programme activities and to prioritise tasks so as to ensure that the dependencies upon other stakeholders, including practicing clinicians, are not adversely affected and that deadlines are met.


  • Chair and members of the Neighbourhood and Wellbeing Partnership Leadership Group
  • Members of Lambeth Together Care Partnership Board & Executive Group
  • Director of Integrated Commissioning, Lambeth CCG and Council
  • Directors, PCN clinical directors, clinical leads/directors, general managers and service leads of partner organisations working across Lambeth
  • Senior finance, public health, performance, informatics & contract leads across partner organisations.
  • Improvement and transformation/change leads, programme managers and project managers in partner organisations
  • Community groups, forums, voluntary sector leads, local people
  • Cabinet Lead members and local Councillors
  • South East London partner organisations, including Integrated Care System colleagues
  • Guy’s & St Thomas’ Charity, and other charitable organisations.