Procurement Engineer

Application ends: February 28, 2025

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Job Description

Job Description


1. Responsible for the centralized approval and procurement of materials within the scope of the company’s project division.

2. Responsible for the preparation of overall and monthly plans for material approval and procurement.

3. Responsible for collecting and arranging supplier quotations, and conducting comparative analysis.

4. Responsible for collecting, submitting, supervising and approving supplier prequalification, material and technical information.

5. Responsible for price inquiry, contract negotiation, contract drafting, monitoring and implementation of the contract, ensuring that the materials arrive on time and pass the acceptance.

6. Responsible for preparing monthly payment plan, reconciling accounts and requesting tax invoices.

7. Responsible for the collection and submission of as-built documents.

8. Responsible for the communication and coordination between the project team and suppliers.

9. Responsible for supplier development, evaluation and management.

10. Responsible for establishing and sorting out the database of qualified suppliers and updating them regularly.

11. Responsible for establishing and sorting out the material unit price database and updating it regularly.

12. Responsible for the quotation of bidding materials within the scope of the division of labor.

13. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders efficiently and with high quality.

Others :

1. Bachelor degree or above.

2. More than 5 years of relevant experience, experience in Aramco projects is preferred.

3. Familiar with the technical standards of relevant professional materials, familiar with the approval and procurement process.

4. Familiar with the Saudi building materials market and have rich supplier resources.

5. Familiar with supplier management.

6. Familiar with contract management and proficient in cost control methods.

7. Possess the ability to estimate conventional materials.

8. Good interpersonal, organizational, communication and negotiation skills.

9. Fluency in English (oral and written) – Fluency in Arabic is preferred.

Note: the sponsorship only can be accpet after probation period(3 months)