Technical Service Engineer – RO desalination plant

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Job Description

Job Description


Technical Service Engineer – RO desalination plant

Role Purpose/ Summary:

  • Support RO plant start-up, commissioning, troubleshooting & plant performance follow-up of operated RO desalination plant, thus, support RO element sales activities.

Job location: Abu Dhabi.

Language: Arabic Native Speaker

Key Activities:

  • RO plant commissioning.
  • Directly involve in RO plant commissioning pertaining to RO membranes and its startup operations.
  • To make sure all the SOP’s / Membranes Safety & design specification and installation check lists are properly followed.
  • To cross verify with P&ID’s, control logics and interlock systems pertaining to the healthy operation of RO membranes.
  • Manage on-site troubleshooting and field test at customer site.
  • Regularly visiting the clients to collect the operation data & perform Normalization reports.
  • Monitor daily performance of the plant and to ensure that all the parameters are within the specified limits.
  • Recommend/follow-up chemical cleaning of Desalination Plant whenever it is required.
  • Discuss the operation data results with customer to improve the performance of desalination plant.
  • Carry out troubleshooting, in co-ordination with operation staff in desalination.
  • Perform the field tests to deal with customer complaints “Vessel profile, probing test, SDI test…”
  • Read & analyze the technical reports “water analysis, vessel profile & probing test, Autopsy report…” to perform the appropriate troubleshooting.
  • Review the pre-treatment technologies and comment about its impact on the performance of RO membranes.
  • Collaborate with Sales staff to develop competitive, technically offerings to clients.
  • Work within the technical / sales team to develop the competitive proposal which can lower the CAPEX and OPEX of the plant.
  • Develop competitive technical projections by using design software.
  • Involve with different basic design concepts to achieve the client requirements of product quality & power consumption “e.g., Hybrid design, Split Design…”
  • New product testing at customer site.
  • Test the new invented products at customer sites and market the advantage/unique features of the product.
  • Properly track the new product performance and compare with pilot/lab test results to understand the effective field results.
  • Analyze the operation outputs to study the membrane performance
  • Share & discuss the results regularly with technical department & client.
  • Publish the success stories in international journals.
  • Develop the success operation cases or product development of the company with the support of our clients.
  • Publish it in international journals (ex., IDA) and exhibitions to promote the products.

Language: Arabic Native Speaker


Industry / Domain: Water Treatment

  • Necessary Knowledge and Experience: Minimum of 3 years working experience in RO plant operation through OEM’s / RO plant startup, commissioning & troubleshooting experience through EPC’s
  • Education and Certification Minimum Requirements: Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical, Environmental, Mechanical Engineering or comparable.
  • Competencies: Well versed in TORAY and TORAY Track software.