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How to Boost the Lifespan of Your Rechargeable Drill Battery? – It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

The rechargeable battery of your best cordless drills on the market holds a prominent position in the toolbox and comes with its own significance.

For example, using them is convenient thanks to their portability and readiness for use in a jiffy!

On top of that, it will be durable if used appropriately, maintained well and  stored correctly.

Add to all  this, a battery with a long life, and you’ve got a worthwhile investment.

In this post, let’s look into some surefire tips to take care of your rechargeable battery to boost its longevity.

1. Initiation

If you want to make a long-lasting relationship with your rechargeable battery, be sure that you fully charge before discharging it about three times. Then, begin to use it.

2. Charging

It is among the most crucial aspects of guaranteeing you receive optimum service from the battery of your power drills.

The moment you figure out the charge comes down to 70%, you should plug it into the electric connection. Also, even the NiCD cells need discharging monthly for retaining its memory effect property.

3. Usage

Similar to every other device, lack of usage can adversely affect the battery lifespan. So, make sure you use it regularly, else you can select a plug-in version to prevent the adverse effects.

4. Complete Charging

Charging the rechargeable battery of a drilling tool may not what the impatient people like. Yet, the key to keeping its healthy battery life enables it to get ultimately charged. Many chargers feature an indicator, which is useful in this process.

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5. Let it Stay Cool and Dry

These devices hate moisture and water; thus, we suggest you keep it away from moisture-prone areas. In case any accidental contact with moisture occurs, it is necessary to stop using it as well to wipe off the water thoroughly. Above all, avoid overheating; otherwise, your battery can fall into grave danger. If the specific scenario occurs that the cell becomes heated, you should cool it down prior to recharging.

Overall, the optimal ambiance you can provide your battery is a climate-controlled and moisture-free area.

6. Store the Battery Properly

Do you think that the battery case coming with even the best electric drill kit at the time of buy is a type of free merchandise? The logic behind it is indeed to help you store the battery in an appropriate place smoothly. Alternately, you can use a cushioned case to prevent any external damage.

And what’s more, the battery is typically accompanied by a plastic cap, which helps keep any terminal breakage, short circuit, or moisture build-up on the terminals at bay. So, do not forget to put it on for the prevention of any undesired incident.

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7. Backup Battery

For full-proof battery usage, make sure a spare battery backs it up. It can be replaced with ease at the office without hampering the activity along the way.

8. Keep the Battery and Charger Separately

It would be best if you detached the rechargeable battery of your top rated cordless tools from the charger unless specified. In case you do not know, chargers usually do not have the selection of auto shut-down. It might result in overcharging the battery and reducing its lifespan considerably.

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Think that you have mastered how to maintain your rechargeable cordless drill battery?

With the guide above, we hope you now have a better idea regarding how to take the best care of your rechargeable cordless drill battery. If you have any related questions, please leave your comments in the comments section below. Also, if you feel that someone else would find this post useful, please do share it with them.



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