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What are owners saying about shark nv360? 

When speaking of Shark NV360, the first thing that comes up in people’s minds must be its reasonable price shown on the website. However, this blue shark vacuum will surprise you if you look at its consumer rating section on the website. The shark model nv360 is stealing customer’s hearts since its rating points are over 4.5 out of 5 on all selling websites. Quite impressive, right? Hence, in this shark nv360 review, we will let you know what the owners say about this upright vacuum cleaner and find out how it gets great feedback. Let’s get scrolling.

  • Quick specs

First, let’s dive into a quick overview of this vacuum cleaner. The Shark 360 vacuum is Shark’s upright vacuum which is best known for its lightweight and compact design. Even having a look of portability, this sharkie still has a strong suction power capable of cleaning both hardwood and even carpeted stairs. This vacuum also has a lift-away feature that can turn from upright to canister quickly. Moreover, the shark navigator 360 does come with four helpful attachments that will help you solve all the cleaning tasks in your house.

  • What are they saying?

On the retailer’s online website, several thousands of owners have been rating on the Shark vacuum NV360 reviews and resulting in an overall score of 91.1 out of 100. A pretty high score for a vacuum cleaner! More than just giving the score blankly, the owners left a lot of flying words for this sharkie as well.

Most of them said that the vacuum cleaner could do an excellent job cleaning the pet hair with the pet power brush attachmentIt effectively pulls the pet hair on the carpet and upholstery, making this vacuum a perfect fit for all the pet owners out there.

The shark 360 vacuum also gives the best cleaning experience by generating a strong suction. Many vacuum owners highlighted that the airflow provided is so strong that the vacuum can suck up all of the dust and debris on both hard and carpet floors.

One of the most loved parts about this nv360 shark vacuum is how the swivel steering works well. Owners claimed that the vacuum moves really well around the furniture and how easy-to-maneuver it is to avoid obstacles on its cleaning way. They also mentioned the narrow cleaning head. This part has both pros and cons. Since it is narrow, it quickly gets into tight and cramped places. However, it will take many passes to clean a large area. The choice is yours then!

Another popular owner’s opinion is about the easy-to-clean dust canister. The dust canister on this machine is transparent so that you will know when it needs to be emptied. Along with the easy to empty dust cup, one of the impressive features is the washable filters. Yes, you can rinse it with water and soap, get it dried and reuse it later. You are saving more money for yourself!

Now, you already have a quick Shark navigator NV360 review and hear about the owner’s opinion. It might answer the question of why the vacuum has so much great feedback, right? Hence, if you are looking for a fantastic cleaning performance at a reasonable price, why don’t you choose this one and be one of the satisfied owners (wink).


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