Senior Bankend & Full-Stack Developer
$70000 / year
March 23, 1982

About Candidate

As 14 years experiences writing Object Oriented and SOLID clean code for enterprise projects by Java, and work with java frameworks such as spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Spring 5 for several years. Also, I am expert in NodeJS for 6 years and develop enterprise applications as same as Java, to produce microservices. I am interested in learning new technologies and programming language improve my performance, and they help me more flexible, creative & strong.My interest in computers refers to when one of my relatives had a computer, Learning new technologies and music.
My Career journey began when I was 22.I worked in Baggiest IT companies in IRAN.
I had been working in EBCOM for more than 2 years. EBCOM focused on Enterprise Web and Mobile applications development for telecom industries and Lunched a super application (EWANO). I am responsible as bankend lead and working with several technologies stack Java, NodeJS.
Also I have been working for ADDEVICE as remote Senior Fullstack Developer.
I have workied in Rightel telecom company for 5 years. I worked as Senior Java Developer to produce telecom software solutions.


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