Zahra Salmanpour

Software Analyst- Product Owner
$6000 / month
July 4, 1979

About Candidate

I am a software expert who has been working in the field of software production for about 24 years. I started programming with Visual Basic and Delphi languages ​​with small projects. I spent this period with great interest and effort, and I was always learning new things, new businesses and different methods. After years of effort and participation in project production for large companies and team supervision, I worked professionally in the field of software analysis. While I have a strong relationship with stakeholders and identify requirements, I prepare diagrams and documentation using UML and BPMN2
methods. I participated in the project management course with the PMBOK7 standard, and I managed to get the PMP certificate from PMI. For this reason, I got acquainted with the description of the duties of the product owner and now I am busy with its duties. I’m sure in my capabilities as well as in my ability to execute this role. The level of my English language is good. Now I am completing the English language professional course. I decide to migrate to an advanced country and share my knowledge in good companies there and gain new experiences.


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