IT Security Engineer

January 11, 2023

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Job Description

Job Description

We are mainly looking for a candidate who is willing to work in an exciting global and complex IT Risk Management function where many stakeholders need to be influenced. We look for the right ‘willing to help’ attitude. The candidate should be pragmatic and apply professional skepticism in reviewing information risks. The candidate should be eager and able to learn.

The below skills will be required

  1. Extensive experience with Information security and risk management
  2. Experience with IT (security) Architecture, design and engineering
  3. Practical understanding of, and experience with, Shells IT infrastructure, architecture and technology solutions.
  4. Sound knowledge of IT Governance Risk & Control frameworks, specifically ISO27001, COBIT and risk methodologies (IRAM)
  5. Proven capability in managing IT security infrastructure risks.
  6. Knowledge of external Legal, Regulatory and industry best industry requirements, particularly Export Controls, PCI DSS and Data Privacy regulations


  • IT Audit
  • ISO 27001
  • IT Risk & Governance
  • Network Security
  • Risk & Compliance