Skills for working in programming

Skills for working in programming

Here are a few skills that can be beneficial when working in programming:

Programming languages

Almost all programming jobs involve working with a programming language, also known as code. It’s important for someone who wants to work in programming to be comfortable writing, reading and fixing code. Although some jobs may only use one or two programming languages, it’s also extremely helpful to know multiple kinds so that you can easily adapt to different jobs and projects.


Many programmers work on projects independently or have independent roles within a team. In both cases, it’s beneficial for a programmer to be self-motivated and able to start on a project without a specific direction to do so. Self-motivation is also a helpful skill for getting programming jobs without experience, as it makes it easier to teach yourself skills like coding.


Many people working in programming rely on problem-solving skills almost every day. Programmers frequently work with new software, applications or other technology that can have errors or bugs. They also might work as IT support, which involves helping people solve their technological issues. Programmers use problem-solving skills to assess technological errors, track the source of these issues and create solutions.


Persistence is an extremely valuable skill for programmers because their work can be complex and take time. For example, a programmer might find a bug in the code they’re testing and track it to its source, only to find another bug. They may have to test multiple solutions before finding one that works, and a solution for one bug may make another bug worse. If a programmer has persistence, it’s easier for them to navigate this kind of lengthy challenge.


It’s common for programmers to work on multiple projects with different deadlines, and each project may have many parts. It can be much easier for them to successfully complete all these projects if they have strong organization skills. This can include having a clear plan for meeting deadlines and assigning priorities to their tasks, but it can also include organizing their computer and code. A well-organized computer makes it easier for programmers to find the files they need, and tidy, organized code is beneficial for anyone who works with it.

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