Support Engineer Data Platform

February 26, 2023
Application ends: February 28, 2025

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Job Description

Job Description
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Participating fully in the creation of the first European Datahub, with the most modern architecture and technologies possible, all within a team in full structuring, is that what we offer you, tempted?

This position is permanent // Location: Ile De France, You can work from home in a hybrid way and/or from our offices in Paris 8th. The salary is between 55k€ and 65k€ gross annual depending on the level that will be assigned to you at the end of the recruitment process // If you have the doer spirit, we are ready to recruit you as soon as you want to be !

For this position, a first similar experience of 4 to 6 years is expected.

The adventure you could join:
We created Cleyrop at the end of 2020 with the aim of creating the first European DataHub.

For what ? Because today, it is still too complex. Because today, we turn to American actors who are only part of the way. Because today, the power of data must be within everyone’s reach.

Now what? At Cleyrop, we are convinced of a world where everyone could take control of their data in order to multiply their use. This is why we have created the first industrial, secure and modular European DataHub that embeds the best European solutions in a consistent and ready-to-deploy platform. The stakes are high, the ambitions too!

Our context: Currently in full deployment, we are opening around sixty positions for this year, so we can expect to join a team in full construction. The ambitions are strong, collectively we carry the Cleyrop project head on to ensure that it succeeds.

Why this recruitment?
Today the support service is to be built, so we need to increase our skills on L2 support to make it more efficient. We also need to be able to read the code/log to find our way into our product. We must also guarantee operational efficiency.

You will work alongside the ops, product and service teams, so you will be at the heart of the machine! You will also work alongside Leang who intervenes on the support part.

What awaits you if you join us
If you join us, your main objectives will be:

Short term :

Be comfortable with our product
Be comfortable with the underlying platform
Make the first well-classified tickets
Long-term :

L2 support is in place
Ensure the proper functioning of the L2 medium
Take on the role of head of support if this development perspective suits you
More technically, the expected objectives are the quality ops of the service monitored from the ticketing system, the support knowledge base is initiated, handling of the cleyrop data platform product from a functional and technical point of view, operational service.

It’s for you if:
If this challenge appeals to you, here is what is expected of you.

The first skills are required and crucial but if you don’t check them all perfectly apply anyway, we are open to potential!

The skills required are:

Knowledge of ITIL incident VS problem management
Data platform knowledge: 5 usual suspect layers of the data platform
You are customer focused and your level of communication allows you to exchange with any type of interlocutor, you are also problem solver oriented
You have knowledge of tech professions to navigate easily within Cleyrop.
It’s a real plus if you are passionate about DATA and if you have already worked on one/or more of these environments: Databricks; Datiku; Snowflake; Hadoop.

What we can bring you:
Bring your stone to the building on an impact project;

Collaborate alongside enthusiasts, allowing you to develop your skills in the data environment;

Share in a collective framework;

Our recruitment process:
These skills and expertise will be verified during our recruitment process, defined specifically for this job.

1/ First an initial interview with Jennifer, our Chief Recruitment Officer, to discuss your experiences, answer your questions about Cleyrop and the position and define if the match is between your professional expectations and what we can give you. to propose.

2/ The second step: a usecase to understand your method and your skills. This is a concrete case that will immediately put you in the bath of what you could be confronted with at Cleyrop.

3/ The second interview with Jean, our Technical Director to discuss your usecase, the operational will be in order!

4 / The third interview with Franck, our VP Engineer, via this exchange you will have more visibility concerning our organization he will also be able to ask you about the hard skill part.

4/ The last step will be a screen